Visit the Hermitage

Have you ever discovered a place, in your wanderings along the busy highways and leafy byways of the internet, a place so intriguing and beguiling, so full of wonders and mysteries, that you never want to leave for fear of missing some new delight?

I have.

Far away and long ago, there was a place that is also close by and right now.

To get there you must step around the corner of everything that you hold to be real, and yield to an odd world which will take you in hand and tell you stories so strange and beautiful that you will be sorry to leave.

Welcome to The Hermitage…A little cottage in the forest, a stopping place on your journey.

Please come inside, stay awhile and wander through rooms of curiosities….

A recent comment on Scribbler‘s blog led me to the world of Rima Staines and her blog, Into the Hermitage. (Warning–image heavy!)

Not only does Rima create whimsical drawings, photographs, and paintings full of myth and melancholy, she also makes books, beautiful things from wood, illustrates online magazines, creates stop animation films, and has a very cool home on wheels. She graciously gave me permission to share some of her work with you here.

Rima and her partner Tui make their home in Scotland, and kindly share beautiful photos of the countryside with us throughout her blog. Tui is a musician, and Rima grew up in a family of artists. They are very inspiring!

Amid all the whimsical and haunting images and words, I found a link to Rima’s Etsy shop, where I immediately purchased two prints — “Soup and Pipe,” top (for me — so cozy and comforting) and “A Button House for a Button Mouse,” left, for the kids’ room (they love it!) I’ve got my eye on several others, as well.

All images and blockquote courtesy Rima Staines.



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6 responses to “Visit the Hermitage

  1. Bex

    Uh oh…this could be dangerous…Xxx

  2. Wow! Thanks so much Kristine! I am really touched. Such a lovely write up. And so happy to know that you and your kids enjoy my work so much 🙂
    Thanks for all the links to my various doings! Think the link to the animation might be broken tho? Here’s a direct link to the youtube page if folks are interested:
    I hope your kids coughs and colds get better soon too…
    I shall add you to my links 🙂
    All the best to you all from Scotland

  3. Wow! Just the intro to the blog gives me chills! Goin over to check it out! THANKS!

  4. Thanks. Already checked it out. Already added to my blogroll.

    You have a good day too!

  5. Oooh, lovely. I love dark intricate and detailed artwork. Thanks!

  6. Well, I just easily spent 20 minutes looking at her blog, I just want to crawl into some of those pictures. My family is trying to drag me away from the computer…ta-ta!

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