Every Year It Rolls Around

My birthday, today. 38 times, so far.

Breakfast at the bagel shop, a nice book and money for gifts, phone calls from parents and emails from friends. Kisses and hugs and songs. Maybe some cake later.

And, as it has been for the last seven years, a time to think of my stepbrother Jonathan, who died in the World Trade Center. I never met him, but I always cry a little bit thinking of him, and his wife and two young children.

I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful day, in which you can find something to be grateful for and remind you to celebrate life.



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10 responses to “Every Year It Rolls Around

  1. Dear Henitserk, wishing you a happy birthday, tinged though it is with sadness. I have a friend whose daughter was born seven years ago today, and she has the middle name “Hope”, which is probably the best way forward.

    Wishing you a wonderful year, filled with love and hope.

  2. Happy Birthday to you…I wish you all the best in this next year of your life. I’m sorry that this day also brings you sadness. Thanks for the reminder to find something to be grateful for and celebrate life.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! We always need these reminders to celebrate life, there is much to be grateful for. My love to you on your special day.

  4. Happy Birthday! I just celebrated mine as well!

  5. Eve

    Many happy returns of the day, Heni. Well wishes from loved ones, a book and money… it doesn’t get much better than that.

  6. 38! I loved 38! I wanted to stay 38 forever! I even thought about becoming one of those women who keeps have the same birthday year after year.

    A very happy day to you. I like this day, oddly; it’s become an opportunity for me to reflect on many things, things I’ve lost and things I’ve learned. We still don’t know all we are supposed to have learned from this day, I think.

  7. Happy Birthday! So many September birthdays. Mine is coming in a few days, although I have a few years on ya… 😉

  8. Alida

    You are just a baby. Oh to be 38 again… or in my case, again and again and again:)

    Best wishes, hope you celebrate all year long.

  9. Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to tell DH — he turns 38 in three days and is really disturbed by this age. He says that 40 would sound better than 38, but somehow 38 is tough. Whaddya think?

  10. Thank you, everyone.

    Goodwitch: I’ve never really been disturbed, or really noticed at all, any age. Though the other night I realized that I was inching ever closer to menopause (I know, probably not for a good while) and that seemed like a sign of age, or at least of passing time, more than anything else has.

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