The Boy’s Birthday

Today SillyBilly turned six. He’s so, so big. Sounds trite, but it’s just true! It is really shocking to try to imagine him as a baby.

I would have pictures to share with you, but I’m just still zonked out by this cold, and he’s actually struggling with it too. Maybe tomorrow.

We had our obligatory bagels and lox for breakfast, bemoaning that Pocatello definitely suffers in quality in comparison to the same birthday breakfast in New York. But it’s still yummy. We sang to him in the bagel shop, and then gave him his presents, which were a soft, sparkly fabric “chain mail” knight’s hood (no, I didn’t make it) and this book, a copy of which I had as a child. I had found it in a used bookstore here and was enchanted by the idea that he would have the same book that inspired me to write and draw an entire book about the solar system for extra credit in grade school!

SillyBilly went to kindergarten in the morning and then came home with me for the afternoon, since I’m still keeping a close eye on the asthma situation with this nasty cold. Too much running around at afternoon care for a wheezy boy, and no nebulizers handy. We made pumpkin muffins for his birthday cake-surrogate (just for kicks), and then two nice packages came from grandparents. Lots of books, clothes, and other fun stuff.

Last weekend another set of grandparents came to visit, and gave him the ginormous LEGO City airplane/airport set. It took them (SillyBilly, Anthropapa, and Grandpa) a day and half to put it all together! It’s all kablooie now, but the real creative play has started.

I call SillyBilly my sweetie boy, my buddy. And I mean it. I love you, buddy!



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12 responses to “The Boy’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Silly Billy! I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I’ve never had a New York bagel, but I’ve sure heard a lot of good things about them…something I’ve got to try someday.

  2. Happy Birthday! We are all struggling with back to school colds as well!

  3. malyvacsiga

    SillyBilly, a very happy birthday to you from the other side of the Pond…
    (Tell your Mama that we do want to see those pics!)

  4. Happy Birthday to Silly Billy, I love that you have a tradition of Lox and Bagels for Birthdays. I have never found that “one thing” as a birthday tradition. I usually cook whatever the birthday person asks, not too exciting.
    I hope you all are feeling better, we too are starting to get the “crud”, I haven’t been sick since we moved here. I am fighting it.

  5. Happy Birthday SillyBilly! And hooray for lego.

  6. Penny in VT

    Happy birthday to your beautiful boy!

    I’m sure he’ll build his own universe with those legos…

  7. Happy Birthday Silly Billy.. How wonderful.

  8. Nana

    oh! my brilliant beautiful grandson is 6 years old and I remember Grandpa D & I taking turns holding him at 2 months and carrying him up and down the hallway, back & forth and back & forth because he would cry whenever we tried to stop. funny thing, as soon as you and Anthropapa came home from the movies and he was in your arms he stopped crying. Silly Billy was precious then and he is precious now.

  9. Belated wishes for a happy birthday for your gorgeous boy!

  10. Happy Birthday, Silly Billy! I can’t believe he is six!

    I hope the asthma didn’t escalate. I know all too well the wheezing yet the determination to run everywhere!

    I hope you’re feeling better too.

  11. Alida

    Oh if you were just a little closer. Mine turns six on the 28th and is also a huge lego fan!

    Happy Birthday. Six IS big!

  12. Happy Birthday! and celebrations to Mom, too, for making it through 6 years of parenting!

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