Belated Birthday Pictures

Last weekend Grammy and Grampy came from Washington to celebrate SillyBilly’s birthday.

While Grammy and I did some crafty shopping and got the birthday cake, Grampy and Anthropapa took the kids bowling at the ISU student union.

Check out the boy’s awesome moves, and his amazing rental shoes!

The thrill of victory…

And the agony of defeat.

We enjoyed a yummy, very unhealthy, luridly colored birthday cake.

The next day we showed Grammy some of the ISU Rock Walk while the kids rode around on their bikes

and climbed trees.

And here’s SillyBilly upon completing the whole LEGO shebang with Anthropapa and Grampy.



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4 responses to “Belated Birthday Pictures

  1. Oh wow, that Lego is amazing! I see he has a little air traffic controller man there too! It looks like you all had fun and I love the cake!

  2. Such cute pictures! That Lego airport is so cool…my kids would love that.

  3. Nana

    you must send me the picture of my boy in the tree.

    thank you very much

  4. That is a happy boy! I, too love the photo in the tree.

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