Whirlwind Thoughts

I thank…

…my dad for getting us a hotel room in Salt Lake City over the weekend, so we could meet up for my step-nephew’s wedding.

…my dad and stepmom for watching the kids and taking them to the wedding while I took Anthropapa to the emergency room (Don’t panic, he’s fine. It was just a temporary, flukey thing, yet scary enough at the time.)

…the efficient and gentle ER nurse, who made the pain go away.

…the kind and personable ER doctor, who reassured us.

…the gorgeous Wasatch mountains, for being inspiring and finally coming out of the clouds to show us their first sprinkling of snow of the season. It looked a lot like this:

…the kids, for being relatively good even though the weekend didn’t quite pan out like we meant it to.

…the weather, for clearing up in time for our drive home.

Sunday morning, while Anthropapa and the kids were still sleeping, I got up and went to read the paper and sample the hotel’s free breakfast. While I was there, a couple sat down near me and started watching what was being discussed on the TV, on CNN. They were showing the National Debt Clock in Manhattan, and pointing out that as of September 30, 2008, when the debt went over $10 trillion, the clock no longer has enough digits to accurately display the US national debt.

The reporter then mentioned that the national debt started rising during the Reagan administration, and they showed a photo of Reagan with Bush, Sr. I heard the woman next to me say to her spouse, “See, they always spin things.”

This got me thinking. How was this “spin”? Now, I’m willing to accept that it could be that CNN often portrays certain politicians, or political parties, or other people or entities in a biased way. I don’t watch TV, so there’s no way for me to assess that.

But I can assess what I actually saw and heard that morning.

1) Fact: The national debt did start rising again during the Reagan administration, after falling and/or staying relatively flat since the end of World War II.

2) Fact: Bush, Sr. was Reagan’s vice-president, so I’m not sure how you could call this “spin”, unless you thought CNN was trying to link the national debt to Reagan to GHW Bush to GW Bush. Could be, but I’m not buying it.

It’s like people form an idea of the “liberal media elite”, and it clouds their vision of anything they see presented by the media. I think the biggest national debt in our history as a nation should be even bigger news than it is, frankly. Our government should be leading by example, showing us the way to live within our means, only taking on a reasonable amount of debt when necessary, and saving money for the long term.

(I’m trying not to be overly partisan here, but see that dip in the national debt, right around 2000? That’s when Clinton was in office. I know the president doesn’t truly control the economy him/herself (and in fact Congress is responsible for taxing and spending), but I’m just thinking, that’s something to notice. What was going on in the world, and between Clinton and the Republican majority in Congress, to make that happen?)

Seen at a Marie Callender’s restaurant in Utah:



And they were carved into wood, so I couldn’t correct them with my little red pen even if I tried.

And now, I must go see if I can order some long underwear for the kids, because the weather report tells me below-freezing nighttime temperatures are close at hand!



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7 responses to “Whirlwind Thoughts

  1. Good food for thought, as always.

    And glad Anthropapa is feeling better. Even the “temporary, flukey” things are scary.

  2. Wah, poor Anthropapa! I’m glad he’s better. This is so odd because everyone seems to have been in the ER this weekend, including us with Monsieur Gimpy, who gave us a real scare but turned out to have flu.

    Ooh, that Ladie’s thing drives me mental! I’ve seen it several times here, and Potatoe’s and Chilly’s. There was a grammar mistake on a poster in the ER but my brain was like mush and I can’t remember what it was, it was a really irritating one too!

  3. An ER visit sounds a little scary…I’m glad Anthropapa is alright! Those mountains look so beautiful in that photo. I think you’re right about people deciding to believe a certain idea about the media and closing their minds to anything that is said at all.

  4. Nana

    I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it. If you want unbiased news, read the Wall Street Journal.

    As far as the national debt is concerned, its rise and fall depends on so many variables among which are: the amount of foreign goods we import (such as crude oil) compared to the amount we export (such as food); the amount of taxes the Feds collect compared to the amount of money the Feds spend (deficit spending) and let’s not forget the amount of foreign aid we shell out, which has little or no oversight as to how it is spent. Heavens!
    We wouldn’t dare tell a foreign government how to spent the money WE give them. Which is why a small pocket of powerful leaders gets millions and the millions of non-powerful folks get a pocket full at best.

  5. Tammy: Yes, scary is the word. Lots of pain, which went away in a few hours.

    Helen: I see bad apostrophe use all the time, but this one shocked me somehow, being in a big chain restaurant and being carved in wood! I look forward to the day (as I’m sure you do too) when we can look back and say “Remember when Kiko went to the ER all the time? Now look at him fight fires/win gold medals/accept the Nobel Prize for mischief!”

    Dawn: I’ve been meaning to take photos of the mountains around here too…they are so different than the east.

    Nana: I used to like the Christian Science Monitor too, but I can’t commit to a daily paper right now. Let’s not even talk about foreign aid and how there is enough money and food to take care of everyone on the planet except that it all gets redirected into someone’s pocket, someone who is not hungry or needy at all.

  6. I hope Anthropapa is doing better now. Beautiful view of the mountains. Although, their contours are similar to the national debt graph…

  7. thegoodwitch

    Again, I really like Nana! To her comments, I say, “Ditto.” Just dropping by to say how nice it is to have Virtual Friends. Thank you for the support and I hope that the entire Anthrofamily is well. Take care 🙂

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