I Gave the Boy a Bellyache

I got kinda crazy last night and cooked artichokes. The crazy part was the garlic mayonnaise I made, which had a bit too much garlic. (Though Anthropapa claims that’s almost an oxymoron. Never too much, he says.) The kids really enjoyed the novelty of the artichokes–they watched me trim and prepare them, and loved that they were eating a big thistle flower. But I think SillyBilly’s tummy didn’t do too well with the amount of garlic he ate.

Then today I redeemed myself in SillyBilly’s eyes by allowing him to concoct a snack of mushed up banana, a dab of coconut oil, some raisins, and a drop of molasses. He called it “baby food” and ate it all up.

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7 responses to “I Gave the Boy a Bellyache

  1. Artichokes! They’re the best things ever … sophisticated finger food, plus they’re prickly and weird. And you get a reward for eating the whole thing, when you get to find the heart and get all that weird hairy stuff off it and then it’s this wonderful treat at the end of what was already a lot of fun.

    My favorite artichoke leaf dip is plain nonfat yogurt, with lemon juice and enough garlic to ensure that nobody will want to come within fifty yards of me for several days. Extreme? Maybe. But worthwhile.

  2. I’ve never eaten artichokes before. I’m too scared to since they remind me of asparagus, which I can’t stand, then I keep telling myself I ought not to be so odd and fussy! So I keep meaning to try them, along with fennel, which I often see in the shops.

    You know, I think certain vegetables can react badly with certain people’s digestive systems, for example, I always get a bad stomach after eating mushrooms. But…… I love mushrooms so much! I could eat them every single day of the week (Kiko appears to feel the same way!) So I compromise and only have them once or week or so and put up with the digestive disorder!

    I hope SillyBilly’s tummy is feeling better. Bananas and raisins are the best combination!

  3. My husband says the same thing about never being able to have “too much garlic”. 😉

  4. Mon

    I’m with Anthropapa on garlic amounts.

    I can see how interesting artichokes are to children! I’m not sure if we get them here…

    I love to hear about children dabbling in the kitchen, really gives tthem an appreciation for food.

  5. David: Isn’t it weird to eat a giant, heavy flower?

    Helen: You might not like them, as they have the same sulfurous smell that asparagus has. Some people have a biological aversion to that smell.

    Dawn: I don’t mind garlic smell so much as the burps that come after–you should have seen the funny faces my son was making 🙂

    Mon: They’re pretty Mediterranean, so you might be able to find some. My kids are quite adventurous with food, for which I will be eternally grateful.

  6. Alida

    The kid is a natural. Bananas are great for upset tummies.

  7. Nana

    there is no such things as too much garlic! it is good for whatever ails you. that garlic probably had a positive effect on his cold.
    i think the tummy ache came from eating too much of a new food that he may be sensitive to.
    we don’t live too far from Gilroy CA, which is the garlic capital of the world and they have an annual garlic festival, and make the weirdest concoctions from garlic, like ice cream…

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