Early Winter Haiku

A gang of six crows
Looking for sandpit treasures–
Where are all the kids?

Dusting the mountains
Little pellets hissing down
Wintry mix outside

Leaves hang in brown shreds
Waving in the icy wind
And low clouds darken

Wet mittens and gloves
Glasses steaming up inside
Piles of boots and hats

Cutting up carrots
The boy works so carefully.
Pot roast smells so good!

Staying up too late
Two laptops glow and chirrup
It’s election night!



Filed under haiku, Nature, Poetry

3 responses to “Early Winter Haiku

  1. I love Haiku – or any play of words, poetry, rhyme… 🙂

    Snow sounds nice – after 70s this week the snow is coming…tomorrow through next week.

  2. Your election night sounds so cozy and pleasant, and I loved the Haiku.

  3. that’s it. I’m going to go do some Haiku right now.

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