When Crafters Get Riled Up

I get a daily email from Craftzine.com’s blog with all kinds of crafty goodness. Today’s edition contained something of a bombshell:

Earrings made from squirrel feet.

Normally very few people put comments on these posts, but this one has received over 50 comments so far. Some people are mightily offended, some people are so offended that they are canceling their subscriptions. Others think it’s an artistic expression, not something they specifically like, but neutral as an art piece. Others have pointed out the hypocrisy in the unlikelihood that the offended people are also vegans and therefore never consume or use animal products. Several people also pointed out the hypocrisy in speciesism: only the ugly animals are OK to consume.

My thought? If you don’t like it, scroll down. Or unsubscribe, if you feel compelled to do so. But don’t knock Craftzine or the artist for doing something you don’t like. Unless you’re the artist’s patron, you got nothin’ to say about what they choose to do.

Craftzine is full of crafty, artistic goodness. Today’s edition also included a birdseed skull, Japanese temari balls, felted oven mitts, and a stuffed cloth turkey. And squirrel feet.

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8 responses to “When Crafters Get Riled Up

  1. Mon

    69 comments at my visit. lol

    I just find them gross as a thing to wear on my ears!

    My only concernw ould be squirrels being killed especially to make earrings. But according to the crafter’s site, they buy from taxidermists. And even if it weren’t so, I still wouldn’t unsubscribe from such an eclectic zine.

    I also suspect that most protesters didn’t even bother researching these, they simply reacted. People are nuts, lol.

  2. David Rochester

    No more revolting than lucky rabbits’ feet, which I still see sold as novelty items.

    The comment thread is very funny, though. Wow.

  3. Mon: I feel the same. I think they would be too creepy/icky/tickly to wear! And too offensive…I’m not interested in attracting attention via my adornments 🙂

    David: I thought of rabbit’s feet too. And how revolting is wearing animal skin (AKA leather) if you think about it that way? It takes a shift to think about it as a gift from the animal kingdom, as I try to do with all animal products. And plant products for that matter. And let’s not forget the ever-generous mineral kingdom. OK, I’ll stop now.

  4. What about that guy who sawed a cow in half, suspended it in formaldehyde, whacked it in a gallery and won the Turner Prize? Everyone called him a genius!

    Ooh… those earrings are creepy, very interesting, I am wondering who would wear earrings like this and I can sense they will be appearing in one of my stories. I’m thinking of a character who is a kind of latter-day Cruella de Vil who doesn’t care about the opinions of others. Hmmmmm…. you have given me a big idea with this. I might give a current character an overhaul to incorporate these earrings into her general fashion sense. Thanks for posting this link.

  5. Helen: Yep, there are some freakish pieces of art out there. Funny, most of the people who even mentioned the idea of wearing them thought the little nails would be too tickly on their shoulders! But perhaps Cruella wouldn’t care 🙂 I’m glad this inspired you.

  6. Nana

    okay, so the feet came from a taxidermist: the poor little animal was still dead! or maybe the squirrel died a natural death and the taxidermist just happened to find it – yeah right. I am a carnivore and I use leather goods, but using animals (alive or dead) for amusement is bad, very bad.

  7. Nana: I have known people who find dead animals and then use them for artistic or other purposes. And I have heard of people who feel having pets is immoral, as we are using them for our amusement, in a sense. In the case of these earrings, I think it was partly a joke, and partly really a piece of art/craft.

  8. Nana

    well, since we adopted Tandy from an animal shelter, we probably saved her life. she is not meant for our amusement, but is an integral part of our lives and we are proud to be able to take care of one of God’s creatures

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