Doing My Part to Help Obama

Is it just me, or is it not amazing that President-elect Obama is broadcasting weekly YouTube videos and has a blog? I could be cynical, and think that all this is an empty gesture to lull us into thinking we’re getting transparency and open communication. But I’m not gonna.

I recently subscribed to the blog feed, and as I was looking around at the site the other day, I noticed some small problems. A link that was missing in the header, an inconsistent spelling, a layout problem in the footer.

I just can’t help myself.*

So I went to the contact page and sent the transition team my compliments and my suggestions to fix these things. As I said to them, they’re small things, but how great would it be if the site were perfect?

I just checked, and all but one of those things have been fixed. I haven’t received a response to my email, but I like to think that I instigated these changes.** Just trying to help.


* I was talking about this today with Anthropapa: when I’m writing blog posts, and commenting on some blogs, I edit myself fairly strictly. Other times — when reading your comments, or when I comment on some blogs — I am much more casual and often don’t even notice errors. So quit feeling nervous that I’m editing you in my head when you comment here. I’m not!

** I have no proof to give you that I might be the “agent of change” for, since this all occurred within their embedded “send a comment” function. You’ll just have to take my word for it.



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8 responses to “Doing My Part to Help Obama

  1. I sometimes think of you when writing posts….I tend to bang them out quite quickly….and then use lots of …. and too many — just because 🙂

  2. I love that new website/blog that Obama has…thanks for doing your part. 😉 That really is pretty cool. I used to get so embarrassed when I would make a writing error in your comments and not notice until after I already published it, but I’ve come to trust that you really mean what you say about not editing blogs/comments in your head.

  3. I really do think your next suggestion should be some sort of procedure for acknowledging feedback properly!

  4. Alida

    When I am writing for any other purpose than blog related, I’m a stickler for errors. My blogs, comments etc, I try my best. Sometimes I just get so passionate that I make a bunch of mistakes and don’t notice until after the submit button has been hit. I’ve made many mistakes while commenting on this blog, but the other day took the cake…I mispelled Steiner! Goodness it’s all over this blog and I still got it wrong. My apologies, not that you noticed 🙂

    I think you you are an agent of change.

  5. Sarah: I’m partial to em dashes myself 🙂

    Dawn: It is embarrassing to see a mistake in print. But I look at blogging as part diary (with an audience, of course) and so it often has a very informal flavor.

    URD: Yes! Now I’m evidently on their bulk email list, but still no specific response has arrived.

    Alida: I never noticed 🙂 I’ve been working with an author over the last year or so on several manuscripts. He’s Italian and spent a lot of his youth in Argentina. Needless to say, his English is far from perfect. But it’s his ideas that count!

  6. Jen

    Yay for you! I too think it is amazing the kind of communication (I at least hope) will come with Obama’s presidency. It is just all so very exciting!

  7. Eve

    About editing: I expect you to correct my grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors so that I always appear to be perfect.


    I mean it!

    im nut kidbiing?&

  8. Eve: You so rarely make errors, you already appear perfect. And I like how you emphasized “appear”. Good reminder, thanks.

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