Odd Coincidence

After yesterday’s post about homemaking, I think it’s rather odd that I came across this quote in my current editing project (which has nothing to do with homemaking but rather is an analysis of water rights and identity in Australia!):

The house and the body are intimately linked. The house is an extension of the person; like an extra skin, carapace or second layer of clothes, it serves as much to reveal and display as it does to hide and protect . . . Moving in ordered space, the body ‘reads’ the house which serves as a mnemonic for the embodied person. If the house is an extension of the person, it is also an extension of the self.

-Carsten, J. and S. Hugh-Jones, eds. About the House: Levi-Strauss and Beyond. Cambridge University Press, 1995, p. 2.

Isn’t that odd? I never expected to find something like that in this manuscript. In the author’s context this quote helps illustrate how people are their environments are “mutually constitutive”, and that people relate to the world as an extension of themselves — in this case in how they value and utilize water resources.

The quote also reminds me more directly of Eve’s recent post about our homes and how they reflect our inner selves. So go read that, too.



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3 responses to “Odd Coincidence

  1. Jen

    That is a wonderful quote, and good to remember and think about on those long winter days of keeping house!

  2. I’m loving this series — on homemaking, and relationship to our homes. I just finished reading Stealing Athena, which plays out the theme of a woman’s role in the home and society. For centuries, this has been the only place where a woman is free to express herself – and is an art form. Not in the sense of competition like Martha Stewart, and doing it best — but more like the expressing and resonating with your own heart’s wishes, rather than following the latest fad.

  3. Eve

    Oh my. How strange that I was just writing about that. There’s a wavelength here.

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