Recent Feed Reader Items of Note

A meteorite fell to earth in western Canada, and miraculously was caught on video. Great ball of fire!

Ever wonder what all those odd names on the world map mean in their original languages? Turns out it’s harder to figure out than you might think.

Come on, a cute kitten photo won’t kill you. It might even cheer you up.

Evidently, no Dorito is safe….

Google: You can find old friends, learn a thing or two, or figure out where the flu is breaking out today.

And for a complete change of pace: learn to make lard and make a dog very, very happy.



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2 responses to “Recent Feed Reader Items of Note

  1. A flu chart! How very timely for our household…

  2. The idea of a “plague prediction system” amused me. Now if only they can somehow get people to understand the difference between actual influenza and the Norovirus, I for one will be very happy.

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