O Frabjous Day!

O, blessed day! Oh day of cleaning and crafting and cooking! Oh, no turkey leftovers!

Wait, that last one’s not so good. Darn.

I boiled some newspapers that the kids had gladly ripped into tiny shreds. The goal is papier mache pulp. Right now I have a steaming pot of gray pulpy stuff with blackish bits floating in tan water. Right, Christmas presents ho! I have all confidence that said ugly stuff will transform into items of delight. At some point.

Anthropapa and I went on a mini cleaning spree, in anticipation of holiday decorating. Amazing what a few minutes of focused attention will achieve, when one has previously taken to simply gazing around in consternation and giving up. Meanwhile the kids played outside for several hours, at one point playing hide and seek with some neighbor kids. Love that!

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Recipe here. They are the bomb. Hard to go wrong with butter, sugar, flour and chocolate. With pumpkin.

On another, less frabjous note — as I was writing this, Napoleona slipped on the kitchen floor and split open the underside of her upper lip, up where the lip turns into gum. Ow. And nothing for it except an ice pack, and perhaps some weak sage tea rinse later.

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7 responses to “O Frabjous Day!

  1. Oh, poor Napoleona! Maybe those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will help her feel better. 😉 I’ve made that exact recipe before…they were delicious.

  2. Papier mache! That’s what we can do today, if I can persuade him – thanks! Ice cream is good for split lips, or so I’ve heard. Some of the benefits of an icepack but a lot more comforting 🙂

  3. mominmadison

    Sounds like a wonderful day up to the split lip – ouch! Hope she is doing better…

  4. Nana

    see what happens when you clean the floor? my brilliant beautiful Granddaughter slips and splits!

  5. Dawn: Aren’t they good? More like little cakes, really.

    URD: We made a bunch of things from papier mache pulp today. Can’t say what, as the recipients might be reading!

    MIM: Yes, she’s fine. It just “feels funny” now.

    Nana: I have a hard enough time getting myself to mop the floor, quit it!

  6. Never a dull moment at your place, I see!

    Okay, I must look up papier mache crafts. I am lacking in experience so I can’t imagine what you were making from it. sounds like fun, though.

  7. HMH: No, never dull. You can make pretty much anything from papier mache, depending on how you do it. We were using pulp, so we were making solid items sculpturally (though not too solid or they won’t dry quickly enough). The other way is to use a form or mold and apply strips of paper with some kind of paste or glue. Papier mache can be made to be extremely strong and fairly detailed.

    http://www.papiermache.co.uk/ is a good resource.

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