1,000 Points for Hubby

for sending me a link to this. Because you knew the intersection of Jane Austen and Facebook had to happen sooner or later.




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16 responses to “1,000 Points for Hubby

  1. Eve

    Now, that’s funny! I don’t do Facebook (yet), and even I find this amusing.

    Clever people.

  2. Too funny. And I know little to nothing about facebook.

  3. I’m blessed with the kind of workmates who’ll almost universally appreciate this, especially since I’ve been relentlessly proselytizing Facebook as a working tool all last year…

  4. David

    That is absolutely hilarious.

  5. Funny! I haven’t done Facebook yet. Twitter and blogs and website seem to be enough…or I’ll be sucked in forever. 😉 Ha! Definitely bonus points…

  6. Mon

    lol. I ended up reading the Hamlet one too.

  7. Bex

    Ah! Could the New Year get off to a better start?
    A happy one to you & yours…XXxx

  8. Alida

    I’m forwarded this to Sarah, who is forever in search of Mr. Darcy!

  9. Brilliant…Simply brilliant!

  10. My partner has really been into facebook lately, so I finally know what is really is about. And this is just too funny! My daughter is in Jan Austen mode lately she will get a kick out of this.

  11. anthropapa

    Hmmm… so tell me more about these points. Are they redeemable for something? How many do I have?

  12. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Facebook to anyone, as it is a major time-waster. But it’s fun, too, and yet another way to connect with people.

    Anthropapa: You currently have 1,000 points, though I will award you another 5,000 points if you can come up with some sushi in this barren wasteland of a town (and not grocery store sushi, either). The points are redeemable for something that I haven’t decided on yet. You are subject to my whims, BWAHAHAHAHA!

  13. 1,000 points to Anthropapa from me – that was fabulous! I may just have to go back and read it again.

  14. Alida

    Oh, I had to laugh! I think if Anthropapa comes up with a good Sushi place his points should be redeemable for anything he wants.

  15. Nana

    simply delicious

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