Discriminate, v.

1. trans. To make or constitute a difference in or between; to distinguish, differentiate.

I am an indifferent winter driver. I just don’t have that much experience yet, so I’m very cautious. And the plowing around here leaves something to be desired.

Unlike the guy in the monster truck in front of us at a stop sign the other day, who wanted to peel out fast like he usually does, except it was icy and so all he accomplished was peppering us with sand. And unlike the guy behind me this afternoon, who I watched fishtailing as he took the corner too fast and then tailgated me down a steep hill.



Discern, v.

5. trans. To distinguish (an object) with the eyes; to see or perceive by express effort of the powers of vision; to “make out” by looking, descry, behold.

Over the weekend we finally got some more snow after a few weeks of sunny, balmy weather. (By “balmy” I mean above freezing.) The tail end of the weather system has brought us some high, icy cloud formations, and by extension, some amazing sky phenomena.

Yesterday morning we saw a 22° solar halo, kind of like this one:

Then this morning we saw a rainbow segment on the horizon and a sun pillar, a bit like this one:



Disease, n.

2. A condition of the body, or of some part or organ of the body, in which its functions are disturbed or deranged; a morbid physical condition; “a departure from the state of health, especially when caused by structural change” (Syd. Soc. Lex.). Also applied to a disordered condition in plants.

SillyBilly got the cold first, last week. We immediately began managing his asthma, and I can say with some measure of triumph that we only had to give him one dose of the icky oral steroid, and he didn’t miss any school.

That triumph is tempered by the brutal fact that he then shared it with the rest of us. Napoleona stayed home from daycare on Friday after she started coughing, and she’s been home yesterday and today too. Anthropapa and I got it over the weekend, but of course there’s no “stay home and rest” for us.

Now the kids are going bonkers from being inside for so long (we dragged ourselves out on Sunday to go to lunch and the bookstore, but that’s been it besides school for SillyBilly, and it’s too cold now to play outside), and we all sound like pack-a-day smokers.

“Disturbed or deranged,” indeed.


Definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary, online.

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11 responses to “Dictionary

  1. Mon

    Oh man, I believe in family sharing, but please keep your germs to yourself! Some things should be treasured and not passed around.

    Never seen a rainbow segment like that. VERY cool, yes.

  2. I’m sorry you’re all sick. Fresh air is good for a cold though! Won’t it be nice when you can just send them outside!

  3. I hope you all feel much better real soon at your house. Those sky photos are amazing!

  4. Love those pictures! That kind of stark beauty has always amazed me. And yeah, drivers are sometimes the worst part of winter…

  5. Oh dear, I hope you all feel better. We are starting to get stir crazy from all the cold and snow.

  6. Oh, that is hard. We have been struggling to keep viruses from G all winter since the last asthma episode in December was HORRIBLE. But means we are a bit cooped up and stir crazy too – of course the day after day below zero doesn’t help (G can’t breathe that cold). I hope he is feeling better – it sounds like you got it in time.

    HOping you feel better too…

  7. Four people in small space = unavoidable Petri dish. Sorry to hear of your suffering, though the photos are beautiful, and are also of course not related to your suffering, except perhaps tangentially.

  8. Feel better, all! Crazy daisy weather…
    We call those solar halos “sundogs” here.

  9. Tammy

    Yup, passing around the crud here, too. lol!

    I wish we’d been having a little better weather here for you with your first winter in this area. “Balmy” meaning above zero sounds about right. 😉

    Did you hear St. Anthony was -29 day before yesterday?

  10. Thanks everyone. The kids are much, much better. Now I have a sinus infection and Anthropapa and I are both coughing still!

    RunninL8: I wanted to call it a sunbow, but Wikipedia informed me it’s just a halo. Sundogs are the bright spots to either side of the sun, which we didn’t get to see this time.

    Tammy: Actually I’m glad. I get to feeling a little ripped off if winter isn’t actually cold and snowy! And even the frigid temps don’t bother me. It’s all the ice on the ground that I hate. I hate, hate, hate to slip!

  11. Nana

    I have a theory about the guys with the monster trucks and the monster tires (the showy ones, not the working ones); THE BIGGER THE TRUCK, the teenier the w_ _nie. 🙂

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