7 Things

Even though I just did this on Facebook, lovely Lisa of The Zahn Zone retaliated on her blog, and re-tagged me for this.

Since my ear feels much better (though my right cheek still feels like a railroad spike was jammed through it) and I feel just conscious enough to do a meme and not a more thoughtful post, here goes:

List seven random things about you. Tag the person who tagged you. Tag seven others. (I dislike tagging other people even though I’m game to be tagged. I break chain letters too.)

  1. I love bacon. I could eat it every day. Not veggie bacon, not turkey bacon. I’m talking about fried strips of smoked pork. I’m sure I’ve now offended at least 1/3 of my readers. Sorry. I love it.
  2. When I go to sleep I have to have whichever ear is facing up covered by my hair. Goes back to a childhood vampire paranoia (don’t you love the kid logic: if the vampire can’t see my neck, he won’t be tempted!). It was pretty dicey there when I had short hair after an ill-thought-out experiment three years ago.
  3. I have those weird earlobes that are connected instead of hanging down. And I have a big mole on the left half of my forehead, with a matching one underneath my right (attached!) earlobe. There. Now you can all identify me in a lineup.
  4. I have never seen the movie Titanic, and never plan to. At first it was out of a feeling of opposition to all the hype; now it’s just the momentum of the idea.
  5. I once needle felted a rather accurate “Venus of Woolendorf” out of golden wool. Sadly, I gave her away, and can’t show you any pictures. But  it’s OK, because I really don’t need a fertility goddess around mucking things up. Two offspring is plenty.
  6. I feel a rather strong sense of satisfaction and personal power every time I pull a newly baked loaf of bread from my oven. It’s like I can take a handful of simple ingredients, do some magic, and feed my family.
  7. I twice portrayed the angel Gabriel on stage. In costume, singing. No wings, though.
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14 responses to “7 Things

  1. Tammy

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Your blog is both thoughtful and fun. I have so enjoyed reading what you write. 🙂

  2. Alida

    Bacon…good! I would urge you never to watch Titanic, it’s the longest movie ever (except of A.I. which I’m sure is still playing).

    A guy took me on a date to see it. I think he thought it would be romantic and he might ending up getting lucky, only I’m not romantic that way and he did end up getting lucky…he was lucky that I didn’t kill him!

  3. I love bacon too! It’s fabulous stuff. Sad that you never got to wear the angel wings, though being Gabriel twice is pretty good going.

  4. Mon

    I’m sorry, but fif I’m going to play an angel on stage, I demand wings thank you very much.

    I used to believe that the covers round my neck would stop all and every creature, including vampire. 🙂

    Titanic was pretty good actually. Typical Hollywood moments but the ending is worth it – really made me feel for those people.

  5. I too love bacon, feel like super-mom when I make bread, and have never seen Titanic. I always like these posts, but am glad I’ve never been tagged by one!

  6. I enjoyed reading these seven things about you. i haven’t read the Twilight books for the same reason you haven’t seen Titanic. 😉

  7. I enjoyed being called ‘lovely’, thanks.

  8. Tammy: Thank you!

    Alida: You crack me up! He was lucky 🙂 I thought A.I. was a very disturbing movie.

    Charlotte: It was a Waldorf-style production, so the nobility of the messenger of God was emphasized, I’m sure 🙂 I did get to carry a big staff with a gold star on top, though.

    Mon: I’m gratified to read that I was not the only child with that kind of solution!

    Sarah: I promise never to tag you.

    Dawn: There are lots of books like that, aren’t there! Just too popular by half.

    Lisa: And that was written without the tiniest morsel of sarcasm, I promise, despite the tone of the rest of the post.

  9. Ah, love it.

    I’m a bread baking person too. I love that feeling.

    We get smoked bacon from a local farmer – pasture raised free ranging happy pigs. SO GOOD. 🙂

  10. Venus of Woolendorf! Ha!

    Titanic made me retch and laugh alternately. Oh my god. What a slick shlockfest. With a crappy soundtrack. I know I’m not bonding with a film when I’m shouting at the screen: “For God’s sake, JUST DROWN ALREADY!”

    (I hasten to add that I was watching at home, not on the big screen.)

  11. I’ve never seen Titanic either! My life appears to continue. And the earlobes sound fascinating, if that’s the right word.

  12. I once made a “waldorf-inspired” doll for my friend’s 40th B-day but added saggy breasts and under arm hair and hair in the other appropriate place, her daughter who was five at the time said “oh my gosh she has realness!”. I will never watch “Titanic” either, ever! The smell of bread baking and the smell of bacon are two of the most divine smells but I can’t eat one and I have never had pork in my entire life…but still, the smell…

  13. Eicart

    ….. Mmmmm… bacon….

    I might once have entertained the idea of watching Titanic, but it was erased when I heard the love theme being played by a string quartet in the boarding area of a cruise ship. Titanic music before getting on a ship…. I wonder who thought that was a good idea.

  14. Nana

    Bacon is one of God’s ways to show us He loves us. As far as the earlobes are concerned, it’s a genetic thing, of course. I have them too.

    I tried to watch Titanic at home, but kept finding reasons to leave the room and go do something else, like clean the toilets. This movie was soooo boooooring and the theme became soooo annooooying.

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