A Couple’s Meme

I could never top the added narrative in Charlotte’s rendition of this meme, so I won’t try. Just the facts.

What are your middle names?

Mine is Elaina, for no reason that I know of. I’m sure Nana will correct me if I’m wrong. Anthropapa has no middle name! Supposedly because his father hated his middle name and didn’t want to burden Anthropapa with one.

How long have you been together?

Hmm…we started dating in 1989, and got married in 1994, so either 20 years, or 15. God, I feel old.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?

I think it was about a day. No more than a week, tops.

Who asked who out?

Anthropapa asked me out for Chinese food when he called me the day after we met at a party at his apartment.

How old are you?

I’m 38 and he’s 41.

Whose siblings do you see the most?

Neither. I don’t have siblings, and Anthropapa’s brothers and half-brothers live pretty far away.

Which situation is hardest on you as a couple?

Like Charlotte, we have a hard time being able to spend time alone together. With no family nearby since we left my hometown in 1995, it’s been a struggle. Right now we have friends with whom we’ve traded babysitting, so maybe that will be a good solution going forward

Oh, and bedtime with cranky, tired kids and parents. That always sucks.

Did you go to the same school?

We met in college, at University of California, Irvine.

Are you from the same home town?

No! I’m not even sure Anthropapa has a hometown, as his dad was in the Air Force. I moved once when I was 8 and that was only…checking Google Maps…40 miles. Anthropapa has lived in Kansas, Florida, Arizona, New Hampshire, Montana, and California!

Who is smarter?

That’s a loaded question! We have different talents. Anthropapa has been called both Mr. Engineer Smarty Pants and Mr. Computer Smarty Pants. I was labeled Gifted and Talented as a child, and know more literature and languages. We’re pretty even on the Scrabble front.

Who is the most sensitive?

I get teary-eyed more often at random things, but I’d say Anthropapa was closer to crying at our wedding than I was.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

“Eat out as a couple”…what’s that? Most likely a sushi bar, if we can find one, though we’re just as likely to take our kids there too.

Where is the furthest you have traveled together as a couple?

Portland, Oregon to Boston, and NYC to Florida.

Who has the craziest exes?

I’m not sure either of us has what you’d call “exes”.

Who has the worst temper?

Neither of us has much of a temper, but I’d say Anthropapa lets his out a bit more easily. I get peevish instead.

Who does the most cooking?

It’s a tie. Anthropapa cooks most breakfasts, I cook most dinners.

Who is the most stubborn?


Who hogs the bed most?

I end up with more covers; Anthropapa uses more of the bed.

Who does the laundry?

Mostly me, with Anthropapa pinch-hitting.

Who’s better with the computer?

As users we’re close to even, but Anthropapa has worked in computer manufacturing and has been a programmer, so he’s much more technical and can take apart computers without qualms.

Who drives when you are together?

Anthropapa, unless he’s very tired or sick. He enjoys it more than I do, and his lazy eye is on the left, so he can see me better from the driver’s seat.



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13 responses to “A Couple’s Meme

  1. You sound like a great match. I wish we could share babysitting: I’d take your kids for the weekend (no TV, I promise) so that you could have some time alone, and then I’d give you my lot.

  2. Such a perfect couple! 🙂 I can tell there’s a lot of love there…very sweet.

  3. You’d just met when you started going out? That’s so weird – I’d known the both of you for years. I’d have guessed that you’d met before.

  4. Alida

    I love learning about how people met. Thanks for sharing.

    Funny, Sergio doesn’t have a middle name either, we don’t really keep in touch with his siblings AND he has a lazy left eye too!

  5. Ditto Charlotte — you really do sound like a great match.

  6. How fun! A relationship is hard work but it seems like you have the right formula.

  7. Mon


    You seem perfectly matched too!

  8. Tammy

    The 2 of you really compliment each other. Sounds like you are alike in many ways, and can lean on each other’s strengths in other ways.

  9. Fun! I’m stealin this one for our anniversary in june!!!

  10. 38? Ha! Come back when you’re really old 🙂

    It’s so cute that you don’t have any ‘real’ exes!

  11. Thank you, everyone.

    Charlotte: Oh, how I wish I could take you up on that. I’m sure SillyBilly would LOVE to hang out with some older women 🙂

    Kurt: Must have just seemed like years, in my case at least, since I met Anthropapa in spring of my freshman year!

    Alida: How funny! The book I’m editing now says that coincidences are just an artifact of our inability to see statistics clearly, but I say, poop on him 🙂

    URD: Yes, they are all imaginary. I have to admit I had a small existential crisis when I had to figure out how old I am for that question. It has never mattered to me one bit what the number is, but for some reason it felt strange that I will be 39 this autumn. It’s like time snuck up on me for once.

  12. Nana

    I gave you the middle name of Elaina because it is not that common, would not be embarrassing, blended well between your first and last names, and is just so gosh darn pretty!

    Since you and Anthropapa are both Virgos it is not surprising that you blend well also!

  13. anthropapa

    I don’t think I use more of the bed, but Anthromama definitely hogs the covers. I’ve thought about drawing a line on the sheet to prove that to her. Virgos… whatcha going to do?

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