Snippets of Life

Can you tell I finally charged the camera batteries?

A few weeks ago we went over to ISU for some fresh air and exercise in the quad. It was one of those bright blue winter days.

The castle Administration building

The "castle" Administration building

The Fine Arts building, with the Portneuf Range behind it

The Fine Arts building, with the Portneuf Range behind it

These trees are perfect for little kids to climb. They’d been off-limits for a few months while a new patio area was being built next to the student union. We were excited to see that the fences were finally down.

Napoleona as a rosy-cheeked tree elf

Napoleona as a rosy-cheeked tree elf

SillyBilly demonstrating that there are no straight lines in nature

SillyBilly demonstrating that there are no straight lines in nature

I realized that I never posted the follow-up to the volcano project. SillyBilly painted his clay version brown and green, but we didn’t get around to adding any gravel and all our dinosaurs were too big! But it did look pretty splendid anyway.

Still couldnt find the red food coloring for the lava

Still couldn't find the red food coloring for the lava

Then one day we did some paintings with acrylics on dry paper. (I know, should be wet-on-wet. Here come the Waldorf police.) We investigated what we could do given only blue, red, and yellow.







The last two days, SillyBilly has been home sick. Another virus, another asthma attack. This time we even had to get out the evil prednisone. Which makes him hyper (along with the nebulized albuterol, boing boing boing) but I can’t let him play outside with his cough. Sigh. So we’ve done lots of stuff to keep him busy.

We talked about how you might say “the sky is blue” or “leaves are green” — but you’d be wrong! They can be many different colors, depending on the light, time of day, season, and so on. So SillyBilly experimented with his pencils to see how leaves might look:

New coloring book joy!

New coloring book joy!

Then he decided to something completely different with his pencils.

Spontaneous alphabetization

Spontaneous alphabetization

We made very sinful sugar cookies, with pink sprinkles for extra panache. SillyBilly chose acorn cutters, while I went with hearts.

Butter and coconut oil and sugar and almond extract...mmmmmm

Butter and coconut oil and sugar and almond extract...mmmmmm

With the oven still hot from the cookies, I roasted an eggplant and made my first ever batch of baba ghanoush, as we for one had tahini on hand. Napoleona declared she loved it so much that she was going to cook it every single day for her own kids some day. Then we realized she was talking about the store-bought hummus. Oh well.

I’m hoping SillyBilly is better by tomorrow afternoon, because there’s a Pi Day/Einstein’s birthday event at the local mall, complete with liquid nitrogen and a Van de Graaf generator. He’s not going to want to miss that.

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12 responses to “Snippets of Life

  1. Alida

    I love the paintings and the spontaneous use of anything is always endearing to me, but mostly I love the cookies. They just look delicious and would go perfectly with my coffee right now.

    Oh I hope he feels better, you just can’t miss Pi day. You have to take pictures.

  2. Mon

    Always good to have the camera back 🙂

    Sorry sillybilly is ill, but it sounds like you all made the most of the together time. Art and cookies are all good to me.
    I love how you chatted about perception, with colour statements and reality not necessarily matching up!

    Hope he’s feeling better for the Pi day – what kid would want to miss out on liquid nitrogen!

  3. I hope everybody is healthy in your home soon. I think every child should have some trees to climb! Unfortunately, we don’t.

  4. Mmm…that Baba Ghanoush sounds so good! I laughed about Napoleona’s comment. 🙂
    I have to admit, I’m slightly jealous of the fact that you’re living in such a beautiful college town…your photos make me miss Moscow, ID.
    Poor Silly Billy, I hope feels better and gets to go the Einstein birthday celebration.

  5. Nana

    always wonderful to see pictures of my brilliant beautiful Grandchildren! but who were those big kids? surely not my babies!

    the paintings are glorious!

  6. Alida: He was well enough today to go to the library and Pi/Einstein day with his Papa. I stayed home with Napoleona as she had to miss the fun as a consequence of some repeated undesired behavior 😦 So we didn’t get any photos.

    Mon: I feel like it’s my duty to loosen up any rigid perceptions he might be getting from school! And I love art and art history so much, I just can’t help it — and he’s very receptive to it. Evidently the liquid nitrogen was pretty cool: they made vanilla ice cream.

    Sarah: Funny how you live surrounded by forest but don’t have climbing trees. Too many tall maples??

    Dawn: The baba ghanoush was devoured, despite her comment! You may not live in Moscow any more, but at least you have your river walk and Leavenworth to look forward to. I hope I can visit!

    Nana: They are truly colossal. I just can’t get them to stop growing, no matter what I do.

  7. Great photos! Beautiful ones of your children and their artwork. I see you’re at the point where the last bit of snow is still holding on. We’re losing our snow fast, but still have quite a bit. We skied today (though our small local mountain is closing down — disappointing, but I guess spring is coming). Ryan (5) has mastered the mountain. I also think it’s cool you talked about perception…sounds like despite the sickness you guys filled your days well!

  8. Great artwork – I think I like the pencils one the best.

  9. I love it when you post photos of your kids’ projects; they always look like so much fun. I’m glad to see, from the comments, that SB didn’t have to miss the liquid nitrogen — that really is one of the great moments of childhood science experimentation.

  10. Scott: Well, the photos at ISU were about a month old…but there are some stubborn clumps of snow still lurking here and there. I’ve been told it snowed here last year in May! We’re hoping to take the kids to ski lessons next year.

    URD: Thanks, I think it was fascinating how he did that so spontaneously.

    David: Happy to please! The other cool experiment was a blown-up, clear latex balloon dunked in some liquid air…the balloon completely collapsed and was filled with liquid air! Then after it began to warm up again the balloon reexpanded, and there was visible snow, ice, and fog in there. I wish I had seen that 🙂

  11. Tammy

    “Waldorf police”…hee hee. I sure do love your painting, though!

    And the alphabet from pencils…how very clever!

  12. Love the Pencil Alphabet — I want to make one!

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