Amazing Internet Synchronicity

I’m home with a sick little girl today — major digestive disruptions (or should I say, eruptions, all over the bed and in the underwear) last night and this morning. You know an almost-five-year-old is sick when she is lying on the couch for hours looking pale and grumpy.

So of course one part of my primitive brain center is screaming at me, “Swine flu, AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Totally irrational, but there it is. She’s just got a stomach bug, and so she’s lying on the couch with a hot water bottle and sippy cup of chamomile tea.

On a seemingly unrelated front, I just opened a Twitter account and will be using it primarily for freelancing business and to promote the EFA (my personal promotion only, at this point).

Then this morning, these two aspects of my life came together in my feed reader:

So much of Twitter is like this. Not any of my followers, of course! Now I need to figure out how to put a Twitter widget in my blog do some editing.

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13 responses to “Amazing Internet Synchronicity

  1. Mon

    The ‘lick an autistic kid’ is hilarious. Funnily enough, I was reading another blogger today who was talking about the swine flu and about sealing the house (well, near enough).

    Hope she’s better soon, not fun for either of you.

  2. Wait. I thought you were overwhelmed by FACEBOOK! Now twitter??

    • I’m focusing on Twitter solely for work-related stuff, though it’s been hard to keep that focus! Facebook has become entirely social, and I’ve limited that somewhat (no more SuperPoke, for example).

  3. Twitter has sucked you in huh? 😉 I have to say, the way my mind works, I would have been thinking the same thing if one of my kids had the flu right now. I hope Napoleona feels better soon.

    • It’s funny, we weren’t really thinking it — she clearly had symptoms of stomach flu, not respiratory flu. But it’s just so easy given the media focus.

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  5. I’m not twittering yet (nor do I plan to). The blog and reading others takes up enough time, I’ve stopped reading my facebook page too. I know what it’s like with a sick kid, good luck and I hope she gets well soon! Remember, probably 99.9999% of the illnesses suffered in the US today are not swine flu!

    • I’m giving Twitter a try, but it could very well get out of control. The new Facebook layout makes it a bit easier to scan through, so that’s helping. I’ve not been able to keep up with reading blogs as much, though.

  6. Twitter AND facebook are both so overwhelming to me. I don’t do well with new technology, lol. Everyone I knew had a cell phone and the internet before me. I’ve never texted anyone, though I have gotten 2 texts in my 2 years of having a cell phone, lol! I’m just happy I “get” blogger. 🙂

  7. That fake-Twitter thread was such a triumph of verisimilitude that I had a bit of trouble chuckling at it.

    I’ve seen more threads than I care to count blaming immigration for swine flu, and expressing incredibly ugly sentiments toward Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. On the other hand, if licking an autistic kid will keep me safe, I totally know where I can find one.

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