Random Things I Thought I’d Share with You

1) SillyBilly has dived full-bore in to reading. He insisted on getting a chapter book yesterday at the book fair at school. I’ve been steering him toward the simpler, early-reader type books… but no, he wanted a big kid book. He picked a Magic Tree House “Merlin Mission” book, which is a series I know nothing about, other than it appears to be fairly inoffensive compared to much of the dreck publishers seem to think kids want, like books based on Pokemon or Barbie’s adventures in Pinkalotta Land. He’s been reading it (silently to himself, I might add) in pretty much every spare moment.

While I feel deep joy that he loves reading and has willingly embraced it, part of me does not want him to read as much as I did when I was a girl. So, while I will encourage and praise his reading, I will also be booting him outside whenever possible. And he’ll be going to a “Summer Adventure” program four days a week starting in June, which will not involve much indoor activity at all except for the public library once a week. Now I just have to pray that he’s not going to need glasses in addition to hearing aids.

2) SillyBilly is also teaching me a lesson in Not Freaking Out Over Weird Physical Symptoms. When I went to pick him up from school today, I noticed he had a spotty red rash on his face. When it was revealed that he also had it on his arms and torso, we immediately went home for further examination. Turns out he has a spotty red rash pretty much everywhere, but it’s not raised or blistering or itchy, and he doesn’t have a fever or any other symptoms. So I’m chalking it up to him needing to process something out through his skin instead of his usual M.O. of mucus production. He did something very similar when he came home from the hospital as an infant — he was covered with a fine red rash for quite a few weeks as all the various drugs and antibiotics worked their way out. I’m refusing to worry about it unless more symptoms arise. And trying not to be disappointed that it’s not chicken pox, which I’d like both kids to get sooner rather than later.

3) It’s wind season in Southeastern Idaho. We had a few weeks of a nice pattern of rain storms followed by sunny cloud-watching weather. But now it’s all about dry air, sneezing from pollen, listening to the amazing sounds of the pines, and the treat I had this morning of watching a hawk hovering over an empty field, searching intently for his breakfast. It was so windy that for much of the time the hawk was either totally still in the air, letting the wind keep him completely steady without moving his wings at all, or letting himself be carried to another part of the field with a few flaps. At one point I also watched him rise up and repeatedly dodge a smaller bird that was clearly harassing him.

Unfortunately I could not get close enough and the light was not right for me to tell what kind of bird exactly it was, but I know it was a hawk of some kind, possibly a dark morph. I was close enough at one point to clearly see the shape of the bird’s head as it intently peered down to the ground, hoping some field mouse or rabbit would unwisely reveal itself. I couldn’t stay long enough to see if it made a catch or not, but as it’s somewhere I pass by every weekday morning, I’ll be keeping my eye out for sure.

4) Also on the nature study front, in the last few days Napoleona has brought in the shed skin of a snake’s tail section (looks like a rat snake to me) as well as several largish pieces of what appears to be robin’s egg. Time to clear off the nature table for some real treasures!

5) Funniest Quote on What Is Otherwise a Very Serious Subject:

We may note in passing that He was never regarded as a mere moral teacher. He did not produce that effect on any of the people who actually met Him. He produced mainly three effects – Hatred – Terror – Adoration. There was no trace of people expressing mild approval.

– C. S. Lewis, “What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?” God in the Dock.

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12 responses to “Random Things I Thought I’d Share with You

  1. Congrats on the reading. Magic Tree House seems to symbolize accomplished reading to kids for some reason. At least it did when Hels was young. It’s amazing to think, but I wish Hels didn’t read so much. Trying to get her out and involved in life is hard right now.

  2. I love this quote, Jesus was a radical and his true teachings would leave many a modern “Christian” re-evaluating their Dogma.

    Amelia was never into series books much, but she enjoyed some of the Magic Tree House Books. They are a fun way to learn history. The reading/physical activity is always a difficult balance here, more so lately than ever. It is definitely good to get them moving while they are young.
    Amelia has never had Chicken Pox, now I am wondering if I should get her immunized for it since she is getting older?

  3. Lisa Zahn

    Funny that I also have a son who’s a huge reader and I sometimes wish he didn’t read as much as I did and would go outside more easily. But also being sympathetic to that desire to read, I have a hard time forcing him to do something different. I do think they end up finding their own balance, somehow. As I have.

  4. Mon

    Yay to reading and more reading. I’m sure he’ll find the balance that is right for him.

    Love those eggs, how blue!?

    Man, I’m waiting for those first rashes/spots/freaky markings…..

  5. My Katie sure loved those Magic Treehouse books when she was your son’s age.

    Today is such a beautiful day and the winds are gone. I heard you all had 45 mph winds yesterday and ours were between 62-65 mph here. We about blew away, lol. We have a couple of birdfeeders in our front yard and it was funny to watch these teeny tiny little sparrows and finches hang on to the feeders for dear life to eat the seeds.

  6. That’s great that Silly Billy loves reading so much. I have to push my daughter outside sometimes to. She would read all day if I let her.

  7. LOL @ the CS Lewis quote.

    I had a hilarious email today from a blog reader who told me about a cake she’d seen at a church picnic, clearly the product of an aspiring CakeWrecks decorator, who had written in icing:

    Jesus said: Come on to me.

    Well, he was a fisher of men, I guess.

  8. Kit

    I’m totally with you on having a bookworm as a son. I spent my childhood buried in books and now so does he – it’s genetic. He likes sport too, but most of the time at home he is nose deep in a book, unless he is using up his computer time. Now I sympathise with my parents who were always trying to get me to come out for a walk. Still it’s the best form of escapism there is – especially during the teenage years, so I think we’re lucky to have the book gene!

  9. emily is devouring the magic treehouse series at an alarming rate. actually she’s going through all books at an alarming rate. i am amazed at how quickly she has jumped into reading books way beyond her “supposed” reading level.

    we have books in bed, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, stacked on chairs when she’s supposed to be sleeping, bathing, brushing teeth…you name it.

    my favorite place to read growing up was in a tree swing, so must make one for her here because it’s far too nice to read indoors!

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