Where I Am

Last week Anthropapa, SillyBilly, and I all got influenza. Honest-to-God, doctor-tested influenza. I don’t know the flavor, whether A, B, swine, or other. Napoleona, as usual, is the healthiest of us all.

I do know that it has been very unpleasant and inconvenient. Anthropapa spent the week sleeping when he wasn’t coughing or shaking. I got a slightly milder case but still have a bad case of wheezing asthma as a side effect.

We went to the doctor when SillyBilly  had obviously caught it (“obvious” being when a 6 1/2 year old boy falls asleep for 3 hours on the couch in the middle of the day, plus a fever) and so, thanks to the miracle of Tamiflu, he’s only had mild symptoms so far.

So now I’m feeling behind on work, behind on laundry, and short of a few brain cells. And I have to admit that we completely abandoned our natural health remedies this time (except for the beloved hot water bottle, and one round of Emergen-C some time last week) and liberally dosed ourselves with acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I was just not up for lemon socks or anything like that. I was hardly up for bathing all week, no less doctoring others.

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21 responses to “Where I Am

  1. Lisa Zahn

    I hope you all are better soon! I can understand abandoning the natural stuff and going for the pain relief. I have done so myself a time or two, and I’m trained as an herbalist! Sometimes it’s all you can do to get through the day…

  2. Just like in little “House on the Prairie”, when Ma and Pa and Mary and Laura all got sick. Sometimes you gotta use the big guns…don’t feel guilty. Hopefully you got the Netflix out and all watched a movie too.

    I hope the worst of it is over, take care!

  3. I hope you’re feelin’ on the up and up, now. I don’t know if it’s summer where you live, but summer sicknesses are the worst. It feels better to be snuggled in bed in the winter with hot waterbottles ‘n’ tea ‘n’ all that.

  4. Lisa: It’s comforting to know even an herbalist will do that 🙂

    Lisa Anne: I thought of that same thing, when they all got fever’n’ague! We haven’t been watching too many movies, but I have gone through almost all the Regency novels I have.

    Jenell: The funny thing is, I think Pocatello is usually hot by this time of year, but this June has been all cloudy and rainy and thunderstormy. So it’s not been too bad with the hot water bottles and down comforters.

  5. Ah, I love summer thunderstorms! I miss them. We’ll be driving through your neck of the woods in a few weeks. 🙂

  6. Oh….that’s awful! I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick. Take care.

  7. Glad your better. We all came down with the flu 2 winters ago and it was not a pretty sight!

  8. Alida

    I hope you are all feeling better.

  9. Sorry to hear it has all been grim chez Henitserk. I’ve had one kid down and had a migraine myself – I don’t think I looked after her particularly well, lying around and groaning as I was.

  10. Ow! That happened to us last Xmas – utterly horrid. I do hope you’ve fought it off a little by now.

  11. Feel better soon. As I always say: summer colds should be illegal.

  12. Nana

    This is the second consecutive in which I have brvaely gotten the recommended flu shot in November, only to be stricken by a different strain later in the flu season. Last year the new flu struck in March. This year it arrived on the day after my brilliant beautiful Grandchildren and my Pookie left SoCal to head back home to Idaho.

    When you spend your workday in a hermetically sealed building (think of non-working windows) the people around you act as incubators for germs. If they insist on coming in to work when they are just beginning to get sick, you’re gonna get it!

  13. Eve

    Oh, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! That stinks.

  14. tammy sher(

    Whew! Glad you are feeling better! I think it was a wise choice to go with the antibiotics…sometimes we are just too sick to do anything else!! Continue to feel better, ok? 🙂

  15. Oh no — what a nightmare. I’m glad none of you ended up in the hospital, and that you’re on the mend.

  16. Hope you all are totally feeling better!
    Carrie over at ParentingPassageway

  17. Here’s hoping that you’ve finally come out the other side. Much love and many healing thoughts to all of you.

  18. Are you better yet? Hope so! Influenza is bad enough at the time but the knock-on effects can be even worse in terms of disrupted routines and so on…

  19. Mon

    I hope you’re all feeling better now? It’s SO much more taxing to have everyone ill at once. Hope you’re getting yourselves back on track.

  20. I am glad you are better, terribly sorry you were all so ill. I remember once when I was very little (probably 9 or so?) when we were still drinking from the spring, it got contaminated and the whole family got dreadfully ill with diarrhea and vomiting. I remember that when my mother was so sick right along with us I was afraid we were all going to die. I mean, my mother was NEVER sick. It was unthinkable.

    Anyway, there is nothing wrong with availing yourself of the fruits of modern science when nothing else seems to work.

    I have never had actual doctor tested influenza, but I’ve seen plenty of people who did and it is a serious disease that can actually kill people. I’m glad you are all recovering.

  21. Thanks, everyone. We’re all better now. Hopefully that’s our flu for the year!

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