Life seems very busy right now. I feel like I have no time or energy to blog much. But I do want to….

To perhaps get myself back into the swing (though we are about to go on another vacation, so we’ll see if I get to blog anything for the next week or so), I will just do a little dump of random happenings here.


A few weeks ago, Anthropapa and SillyBilly went to an air show at Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City. They had some nice “boy” time together.

A lot was going on up in the sky

And they went into the belly of a whale big plane


SillyBilly is going to a “Summer Adventure” program four days a week. They do little things like ride the city bus to the library, eat lunch at the park, and have swimming lessons at the gym at ISU. But then they do bigger things, like go cave exploring at Craters of the Moon, and last week, fishing at Lava Hot Springs. SillyBilly caught this rainbow trout, big enough for an entire meal for four, with his very own fishing pole. We fried it up for dinner and it was scrumptious. Wild food!


On Father’s Day we took a walk through the Edson Fichter Nature Area in South Pocatello. It was sunny but cool, and we saw and heard lots of  birds. The Portneuf River was quite full after all the rains of the last month.

Napoleona loved that she could run really far on the trails.

SillyBilly took a quiet moment by the river, perhaps hoping to see some fish like the one he caught out of this same river many miles away.

I was happy to see some beautiful wildflowers, including (for the first time) this lovely but poisonous black henbane.


While we were in California a few weeks ago, SillyBilly had a very, very loose tooth. He didn’t lose it until we returned home, so per Nana’s request, here is a picture of the craziness of an almost seven-year-old’s mouth.

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10 responses to “Happenings

  1. I love that big, missing tooth grin of Silly Billy’s. I hope you all have wonderful trip.

  2. Awesome events all. Craters of the Moon is one of my favorite places…I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

    • He loved it, though he was t.i.r.e.d. when he got home that day. I’m jealous that I have to work while he goes to all these cool places! At least they’re not going to the Tetons or Jellystone without me.

  3. Alida

    The summer program sounds awesome. Have a wonderful vacation. You are not working through it this time, are you?

  4. I know about the busy. I’m already wondering where my summer went!

    Have a fun trip!

  5. Loved the river pictures. That gap-toothed grin took me way back all of a sudden. About 49 years.

  6. Missed this! I seem to have fallen out of my Reader habit (though there’s always Twitter, so I know you’re out there!) I’ve got a big chip in a front tooth awaiting dentistry so I know the feeling in the last picture…That airplane – dudelet would love it too!

  7. Such excitement, to catch and eat one’s dinner. That’s a beautiful fish, and lovely pictures of your family’s summer fun.

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