A Secret Hazard of Editing

I don’t mean to whine, but I am sick of being sick, already.

The day before our big trip to Washington, Napoleona puked all day. So of course the next day, while somewhere in the middle of nowhere (between Baker and La Grande) I got sick too, despite washing my hands 40 bazillion times. Then the day after Anthropapa and I returned home, I got a stomach bug again.

This week, I got a weird ear infection that has involved all the lymph nodes on that side of my head and neck. The ear infection isn’t so bad, but the whole area in front of, underneath, and behind my ear is so swollen that it’s painful. Even my earlobe is sticking out! Waaaaaaaaah! (That time, I meant to whine.)

This is the second ear infection I’ve had this year. The first one was in February and I ended up with a ruptured eardrum. I wish I knew what was going on with this, since aren’t ear infections just for kids?


You’re probably wondering by now just what the heck that post title means.

Well, I recently worked on these two books, and they’ve made me a bit hyperchondriac about this ear infection. What if it’s some weird bacteria and I’ll be on one antibiotic after another? What if there is no antibiotic to handle this infection at all? Never you mind that I don’t have a fever or any other symptoms; these things are unpredictable and sneaky and deadly, I tell you, DEADLY!!

Hookay, back to reality. My ear is stuffed up and my face hurts, and it’s impossible to sleep on that side. But really, it’s probably not fatal.



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11 responses to “A Secret Hazard of Editing

  1. Gute Besserung! Ear infections are definitely for children, though I know from mine how painful they can be. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ewww … even the title of those books freaks me out. Have you tried levisticum in your ears (weleda) it can help with the pain and help to drain them … as well as the ABs of course that it sounds like you well and truly need. Thinking of you – sickness when you are a mother is so much worse

  3. Mon

    chuckle, reminds me of psych students beginning to think they have all the disoders in the textbooks.

    I use tea tree oil on a little warm olive oil on a cotton ball. Works really well for minor ear infections.

    What are you sick of hearing?

  4. OK… I worry about that stuff all the time anyway… but those book titles would have definitely sent me over the edge too…
    (I drink a sip of apple cider vinegar everyday — just like the thieves did during the plague. Seems to work.)
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Not the stuff to be reading when you get an infection! Hope you feel better soon!

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  7. Nana

    oh my poor sweet Pookie! I hope by now you have seen the doctor. Most ear infections and the accompanying pain react well to antibiotics. But it takes a while for it to build up enough in your system before having the desired effect. Swelling is due to the spread of the infection, which usually means you waited too long before seeing the doctor. Warm oils are probably best when used to loosen excess wax (I used warm mineral oil when your ears got plugged up) and you’d be better off just sticking to the medication.

  8. Poor lady..that sounds painful! When I was taking psychology classes in college, I would start worrying that I might have symptoms of whatever it was that I was studying. They haven’t locked me up yet though. 😉

  9. Isn’t there some sort of syndrome: Medical student syndrome, where you start thinking you have whatever you happen to be studying?

    I had an ear infection a couple of years ago, it sucked. I wound up having to take an antibiotic and a steroid (for the swelling), but it eventually healed. The steroid changed me into “Bitchwoman” however, and supercharged me at the same time. Fortunately I was removing wallpaper from the kitchen walls at the time and was able to channel the energy and rage into that project.

    Get better soon.

  10. Ooh ow! Not fair. Not fair at all. Especially after you must have suffered through more than one or two with your offspring. Perhaps you need some different books to edit?

  11. Oh, you poor thing. You definitely need to edit something about miracle healing.

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