Busy Kids

Here’s why SillyBilly has been busy lately:

We struggled with the idea of him joining scouts for a long time: the discrimination issue, the selling of things, etc. But in the end we decided the benefits outweighed those more abstract problems. He’s already had a lot of fun, gets to have time with his Papa every week, and will have lots of good adventures and learning from it. Now if only the meetings weren’t at 7 pm — that’s bedtime!

Here’s what’s keeping both of them busy:

They both are reading FIENDS. SillyBilly and Napoleona are both rather enamored of the Magic Tree House series — recently they’ve read the ones about Ancient Egypt, Pompeii, Mozart, and Leonardo da Vinci. When we took that trip to Montana, almost the entire 4-hour drive was completely silent — a first, I assure you.

SillyBilly is in first grade, Napoleona in kindergarten. They’re both reading at about the third grade level. It’s not the Waldorf way, but it also came relatively spontaneously, especially for Napoleona. And it’s just genetic — Anthropapa and I were very early readers.

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7 responses to “Busy Kids

  1. Two of our Waldorf kids started reading early, and it was certainly not because we taught them. Our seven year old can already read English (she’s Hungarian, we live in Hungary), and I didn’t teach her. She just read along when I read bedtime stories nightly, and figured out how English orthography works.

  2. They have grown up so fast!

  3. Busy and growing! Amelia began reading very early as well, I just try to balance it all. Yesterday i yelled “Stop reading Shakespeare, and go do something outside!” She talks back to me in Shakespearean language “Cease thy counsel, which falls into mine ears as profitless as water in a sieve”…that is what an early reader gets you during the teen years!!

  4. Nana

    Grandpa Dave and Nana are so proud of SillyBilly, the Cub Scout! Grandpa Dave was an Eagle Scout and earned the Order of The Arrow – big stuff. And, besides being a Girl Scout herself, Nana was a troop leader when both you and your cousin were in scouting. Oh, those wonderful cookies!

    Now, since SillyBilly has an activity all his own, it is time to start Napoleona’s BALLET LESSONS.

  5. Nana

    My brilliant beautiful Grandchildren are following the reading path established by their parents. At age 5, you were also reading at the 3rd grade level. Do you remember Easy Reader, aka Morgan Freeman, on The Electric Company?

  6. You too, then! I can’t wait for the reading in the back of the car to kick in – though maybe I can, given the family car-sickness gene…

  7. P.S. Scouts was about the best thing that happened to me when I was 11. We’re looking into beAvers for dudelet at the moment.

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