About Me

I have two children, one cat and one husband. I like to read, knit, felt, learn about native plants, and read blogs. I am interested in Waldorf education and anthroposophy.

I am a professional freelance copy editor, and I am also a volunteer editor for Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders and Wikipedia.

You can contact me at henitsirk (at) gmail (dot) com.


15 responses to “About Me

  1. Help! Your blog seems to have vanished!

  2. I put up some old posts from Blogger, and then deleted them in favor of new content. Nice to know you were checking though!

  3. To the right of this very input box is a picture of St. Michael. It is primarily in blue. He has a spear and is resting the point in a dragon. At the bottom of the picture are the words St. Michael.

    Who drew this picture and when was it made? Are there any copyrights thereon? We wish to make a flag for personal use which would be hung in front of our home.


  4. shinebrightly

    So happy to have found you! We share similar interests! I found you through your comment to Not So Crunch Parent.

  5. Please feel free to link your great blog to mine. Best, Steve

  6. Anthromama,

    Did you attend the 2nd annual fairy ball last night. We were there. Are we in the same place? I found you when I googled Fairy Una.

  7. Hi Anthromama,

    I’m an erstwhile Waldorf teacher living in Los Angeles. I just responded to you on Steve Sagarin’s blog. Hope to see you there! Sorry I missed your recent trip to SoCal.

    Tom Mellett
    Van Nuys, CA

  8. Alan Lindgren

    Hello, Anthromama!

    Have you seen the Oberufer Christmas plays? (not to be confused with the Oberamergau play)

    In Waldorf Schools the world over, they are performed each year in the language of the country.

    I attended Highland Hall in Northridge, California (the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles Basin of the Southland). Each year, faculty present The Paradise Play and The Shepherds’ Play before Christmas break. There are performances for the students and the community of families and friends. On January 6 (Epiphany–Three Kings’ Day), the Twelfth Grade class presents The Three Kings’ Play.

    Rudolf Steiner discovered these three plays in a small German-speaking community in Hungary, where the roles were handed down from father-to-son and mother-to-daughter, I presume, for many generations. They have special qualities which make them both simple and warm, and which bring the mood of the Christmas season to all who participate in them–performers and audience both. None of the actors are pros–indeed this would have a damping effect. It is the simplicity and genuineness of those who enter into the roles that communicates so well. The costumes are also special. Perhaps most special of all are the songs which the cast sing as they go among the audience in between scenes. They are so beautiful.

    I saw them in (American) English each year from 1973-74 through 1979-1980 at Highland Hall. Then, on a Europe trip in December 1980, I saw The Shepherds’ Play, first in Finnish in a town near Helsinki called Lahti, then in Bergen, Norway in Norwegian. Although I speak neither language, I understood everything, because I was already familiar with the play from America. The songs are the same, the roles, costumes, scenes, actions, narrative.

    They are beautiful.

    If you have not yet seen them, I feel sure you would find genuine meaning in attending performances. And for your friends who read this blog, I have the same thing to say, “See the Oberufer Christmas Plays!”

    • Alan, I have seen the Paradise Play, and have performed as Gabriel in the Shepherds’ Play. I still have the score to the latter and sing the songs with my children every Christmas. They are indeed special.

      • Marisela Saenz

        Hi – I am part of a young Waldorf school and our faculty is preparing for our first presentation of the Shepherd’s play. We are having difficulty finding the songs to this play. Would you consider emailing them to us please? Thank you.

  9. Marisela, how wonderful that you will be performing. Unfortunately I don’t have digitized copies, only paper.

  10. Marisela Saenz

    Thank you for your quick reply. I will keep searching.

    • Alan Lindgren

      I suggest locating Green Meadow Waldorf School in Spring Valley, NY. Try locating a valid e-mail address. It might be good to obtain the songs hard copy. They are deeply involved in Waldorf education. I attended first semester of my senior year there (autumn, 1979), and it was a truly magical experience. This was long ago, but I know Waldorf and anthroposophy are both alive and well there.

  11. Thanks, Alan. I was able to scan my copies.

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