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Napoleona’s Fifth Birthday!!

A guest post from Anthropapa

The little princess turned FIVE today!!! Yikes!  We started with the MamaPapa chorus of “We wish you a ha-a-a-py birthday” and then seeing the first present of the day, a doll house from Nana.  Next, it was off to our favorite bagel shop for the usual birthday tradition of a breakfast of bagels and lox. (We brought our own lox, as they are kind of stingy with the lox and we do love our smoked salmon.)  She got to open the next set of presents at the bagel shop: a star fairy costume, a doll family and an assortment of small plastic animals.

We decided that she could wear the star fairy costume to day care, as long as she promised not to wear it outside to play.  This was a big hit with Napoleona!  We also decided to take a detour to my office and show off the fairy wings to all the nice people there.   Fairy love and joy was spread far and wide today!

Anthromama had some big, important EFA board meeting conference call today, (I’ll leave her to blog about the details of that…) so we came home a bit early.  After dinner, we had a strawberry-chocolate birthday cake, which brother SillyBilly had picked out. (It was a bit unclear whether or not he had remembered that Napoleona had wanted a strawberry cake, or whether this was the biggest of the two choices…)

Strawberry-Chocolate Birthday Cake

Strawberry-Chocolate Birthday Cake!!

Also after dinner was the second round of presents from Nana.  OMG! Pink! Sparkly! Shoes!



If you ever need to take pictures of a star fairy, it seems that the only way to get them to stand still long enough to get a clear picture is to get them to talk on the phone to their Nana…

How to photograph a star fairy.

How to photograph a star fairy.

SillyBilly also had picked out a card, which he then read for her…

Here... Let me read that to you...

Here... Let me read that to you...

After all of that… we collapsed into bed.  Oh, yeah, and the kids went to sleep, too.

Happy Birthday, Napoleona!!


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Happy Anthromama Day!

Dear Loyal Readers,

Let me interrupt the normal stream of posts by the illustrious Anthromama for a short Mother’s day tribute.



Thank you Anthromama for all that you do, all that you are and all that you will be. Thank you for your smile, your laugh and the twinkle in your eye.

Anthromama with a twinkle in her eye

Thank you for your patience, your preschooler negotiation skills, and your tolerance of spousal grumpiness. Thank you for always seeing the beauty of nature, of children and of life in general when I seem to be unable.

Thank you for being the mother to those that are most precious to me.

Happy Mother’s Day!!



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