I’ve been freelance copy editing and proofreading since 2001. I primarily work on academic and scholarly nonfiction, though I’ve also edited such things as a master’s degree thesis, a TV show proposal, and numerous newsletters. This work satisfies my inner Virgo, and finally gives me a job that makes use of my BA in English Literature after many years of toiling in the health insurance industry.

I’ve been volunteer editing for the Wikipedia League of Copyeditors and Project Gutenberg for several years. I truly enjoy using the skills I have and doing the work I love to contribute to these worthy projects.

Some recent projects I’ve edited:

Anthropology and Climate Change: From Encounters to Actions (Left Coast Press)
Reproducing Class: Education, Neoliberalism, and the Rise of the New Middle Class in Istanbul (Berghahn Books)
Voices of Leadership: A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Leadership Education (Edwin Mellen Press)
On the Field of Mercy: Women Medical Volunteers in American Wars (Prometheus Press)
You’re Not the Boss of Me: Understanding the Six/Seven-Year-Old Transformation ( Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America [WECAN])
Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies (SteinerBooks)
Singing Games (Rudolf Steiner College Press)

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My editing web site: Crystal Clear Copy Editing


2 responses to “Editing

  1. g’day Anthromama

    Your interest in native plants, and editing studies on Aboriginal childhood, has sparked my interest. Also, that you have studied anthroposophy, and I was wondering if you did that in Australia?

    cheers, Hakea

    • Hi Hakea… No, I live in the United States. I happen to work with a publisher who regularly produces books on Australia. I studied anthroposophy at Rudolf Steiner College in California and Sunbridge College in New York.

      Thanks for reading =]

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