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All Over Creation

Both the title of the book I’m reading, and where I went today.
The book is by Ruth Ozeki. I read it a few years ago and liked it well enough. The other day I was thinking of books to look for on BookMooch, and I remembered it, and remembered also that it was set in Idaho. So it was promptly mooched.

* * * * *

SillyBilly has grown, as he is wont to do, and most of his pants, while fitting his skinny butt, are real floods at the ankle. Very hard to find pants for this boy. We went to the local awesome thrift store first, as they have loads of kids’ clothes. Today, not so much. No suitable pants to be found. But I did find this lovely item, for the not-very-princely sum of $35:

(If you look closely, you’ll notice that the pillows have an African wildlife motif. They will be turned around to the plain side. or re-covered, because they are a bit too kitsch for me. The kids love them, of course. Otherwise this is in the running for the Nicest Couch We’ve Ever Owned.)

To obtain this lovely couch, SillyBilly and I had to put it on hold, go across town to get Anthropapa on his lunch hour, bring him back to the store, obtain his agreement that It Will Do, go get lunch, take him back to work within the hour, then come all the way back across town again to go home, then in 3 more hours go back across town again to get him and Napoleona, and bring them all back to the store where we bought the thing and loaded it in our van, having to tie the back door down as the couch was too large to fit. Then we brought it home, unloaded it, and wedged it into our now too-full living room.

Did I mention it was raining all afternoon? And I had a splitting headache? And SillyBilly was being A Royal Punk?

But now we have some semblance of a normal living room, with somewhere for me to sit with both kids to read stories. The cats seem quite pleased as well, especially the old, fat one that practically needs a harness and some crampons to get on our bed. I sprayed it (the couch, not the cat or the bed) liberally with Feliway to hopefully trick the cats into thinking the couch is a love object, not a scratching post.

* * * * *

In order to get the couch into the van, I had to finally take out the ginormously heavy crate of books that had been lurking back there for weeks. Most of the books in it were Steiner books, so perhaps I’ll dredge up some interesting stuff over the rest of NaBloPoMo.

* * * * *

In case any of my 10 loyal readers are horror fiction fans, I’m giving a shout out for my old friend Marc Paoletti. Anthropapa and I knew him back when we were first married. He’s still witty and handsome, with the added bonus of now being a successful author. I just tracked him down (I laud Thee, O Mighty Google) and am waiting to hear more about his recent exploits.

*  *  *  *  *

Looks like my brain was All Over Creation today. How was your day?

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More Reasons to Love BookMooch

BookMooch IllustrationImage via Wikipedia

WARNING: This post is liberally peppered with links. Sorry if it’s annoying, but I’m really excited by this topic and just want to share the coolness.

I just came across this article on the Guardian’s website about book-swapping websites. As one of the largest such sites, BookMooch was featured prominently.

I’ve been a BookMooch member since…oh, heck, I have to go check my member page…la la bum tee bum…here we go, January 2007. I’ve mooched 40 books and given 37 (bad Mama: you’re really supposed to always give away more than you get, but thanks to a points donation by Helen, I’m still in the black!)

Aside from clearing out books I don’t want anymore and finding books I either can’t find elsewhere or that I’m willing to read but not buy, I also love the open-source, Free Culture, Creative Commonsy aspect. The Guardian article touches on some of BM founder John Buckman‘s thoughts about how book swapping doesn’t really take any profits away from authors and publishers

And recently a few new interesting things have popped up in the Moochosphere: swapping shipping materials, which is a brilliant use of the BM network to reuse and share exactly what BM members need, and actual cooperation between a free book-swapping service and publishers. Added to the existing cool stuff like the ability to donate your BM points to charities, the ability to download every bit of information in the BM database (except user email and snail mail addresses) for free, and the constant tinkering with what it means to collaborate between reader/swappers, authors, and publishers, these innovations make me love BM even more.

Now I just need to find some more books to give away….

* * * * *

Interested? Read more about BookMooch here or here.


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