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2008 Vacation: What We Did

Seems like this year’s vacation was uneventful in terms of activities (I’ll describe how it was eventful in terms of calamities in the next post). We didn’t take any big side trips or go to any big venues. But it was generally relaxing and filled with family.

One particular highlight of the trip for Anthropapa and I was the food. There was lots of (too much) food. We ate many meals of Mexican food, because it is so, so good in California. We had sushi twice, and excellent Greek food with my dad. A big highlight was a somewhat fancy dinner with my dad and stepmom. They took us to the Saddle Peak Lodge, a landmark and highly regarded restaurant in Malibu Canyon. Their specialty is game, so I went all out and had the chef’s trio: elk, squab, and buffalo. The buffalo tasted pretty much like beef, the squab was tasty though I felt a bit disturbed at the tiny little bird body on the plate (though roasting whole chickens and turkeys never bothers me), but the elk was outstanding. I think I ate my meat allowance for the month! Especially after the huge burger we had at In-N-Out, home of amazing fresh burgers and fries, and Bible verses on the underside of the cups (I kid you not!)

We went to Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu:

A huge flock of pelicans flew back and forth over our heads, but not over the water. I wonder what they were looking for?

We made castles and dug holes all the way to China:

And some lucky seagulls were very grateful that Grandpa packed us some bags of stale bread:

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2008 Vacation, Part 1

We made it to California in one piece (each). The flight was fine, the road traffic was fine, and yet we were completely exhausted by the end of the day. Counting the hours in CA time, we got up at 2 am and went to bed that night at 10 pm. ZZZZZZZZZZ.

To economize and because the kids can be in booster seats instead of big car seat, we had reserved a full-sized sedan. When we arrived, they were incredibly busy and almost out of cars! So we ended up in what I would call a mini-SUV. Shorter than a minivan, but bigger than a sedan. Anyway, it’s easy to drive and we can all fit in it, so it’s a keeper.

Coming out of the car rental place, I remembered that we just needed to hang a left at the light, and shortly thereafter we would be able to turn onto Highway 1 to take the scenic Pacific Coast Highway route. Somehow I missed the turn onto PCH and we ended up almost at the sand in Marina Del Rey. Luckily, I am the Navigatrix, so we didn’t have such a huge detour.

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