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Huh. Wow. Sheesh!

Well, I promised myself I wouldn’t do any blog posts for a few days because I’m insanely busy trying to finish two manuscripts and packing the house.

But, dear readers, I apparently have insufficient powers of will. Or an insufficient ability to delay gratification. Or something.

And I’ve been thinking how I set myself up here in blogland as someone involved with Waldorf/anthroposophy and book editing, neither of which I have mentioned at all recently. (Nice rationalization for a post, huh?)

* * * **

I just caught this in my feed reader from the always amusing OUP Blog Friday Procrastination Link Love.

A British writer was quite unamused when a copy editor removed an “a” from the last sentence of his restaurant review. One. indefinite. article. So unamused that I can merely link to the letter he sent to the editors instead of copying it here, due to both its length (1,000 words!) and use of rather adult language. Like “****ed up” and “illiterate ****” and “it’s not ******* rocket science”, and the ever-popular “**** off” and “****up”.

And the editors’ response to him was equally amusing, with its mentions of “useless ****” and “you insignificant little ****wit”.

I’m glad that the writer takes his work seriously, down to the stress on certain words and subtle meanings and double entendres. (Remember, dear readers, it’s a restaurant review.) And I’m glad that the editors responded with aplomb.

And I’m glad that editing doesn’t always have to be dry, lifeless nitpicking over arcane rules.

Thank you, irate UK journalists and editors. I needed some humor today.

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