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Now I’m a Slightly Mollified Blogger/Reader

I just read this on the guardian.co.uk books section feed: Random House will offer online access to up to 5,000 books, AND THEY SPECIFICALLY WANT BLOGGERS TO USE IT: “Random House wants the tool to be picked up by book fans and bloggers who can modify it for their own sites.”

Now there’s a company that accepts the power of blogs. Can you say, “free, minimal overhead advertising”?

I’m waiting to read about the catch, of course. I still find it hard to believe that a huge, mainstream publisher will willingly give books away for free on a large scale. But hey, it’s an improvement.


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Question for my Waldorfy Readers

And of course anyone who might have an opinion…

I’m mulling over the idea of writing something to sell as an e-book. Among the ideas I’ve had is something to do with native plants and/or animals. (I would have to stick with North America since that’s what I know, but I would love to expand it to other regions!) I’ve thought about doing a craft book about native plant flower fairies, for example, or something for homeschooling curriculum (seems like this would fit in well with 5th grade).

What do you think would be interesting/useful/successful?

Homeschoolers: is there any subject or format that isn’t already out there or could be improved? I know there are tons of curriculum guides, most quite good. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I’m thinking of something more topic-specific, like botany or crafting. On the other hand, so much of homeschooling seems to be about the family creating their own activities and curriculum, so how useful would something like this be?

Any advice on publishing and marketing e-books?


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