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I Feel So…American

Tonight was an all-American double play: baseball, and ice cream. (Yes, I know, baseball is huge in Japan and Italians and Germans eat lots of ice cream. Please play along.)

We found out yesterday that the middle grades’ baseball team at our neighborhood Waldorf school was playing in the semifinal game of the season. And the son of our daycare provider is on the team. Much begging and conniving ensued, and I ended up taking my kids and another boy from daycare to last night’s game. Not too difficult, since the ball field is about 500 yards from our house.

Our guys won yesterday, so tonight was the final. The sun was out, the grass was green, there was even a hint of a breeze to blow away some of the humidity.

Now, the players are in sixth to eighth grade, so there were boys who looked practically like young men with their wide shoulders and fast pitches. And there were the younger and smaller ones, who were still unsure where to throw the ball sometimes.

While the game was going on, SillyBilly and I were playing catch with a soft, stuffed plastic ball. He had also brought a little plastic bat. Both of which caught the eye of a group of young boys. So SillyBilly ended up inside the batting cage next to the playing field with a pack of other boys, playing “baseball”. It was pretty funny, the batting cage being about 5 feet wide and 30 feet long. My boy is destined for the pitcher’s mound, methinks. He’s got quite an accurate arm.

Meanwhile Napoleona was her charming best, running around showing everyone her cast (“No, I didn’t break my arm, I fractured it.”) and the caterpillar she found. When we left, dozens of people I don’t know said goodbye to her by name. The girl is not shy.

The game was quite evenly matched, and the final score was 1-0, with our boys winning. And I tell you, the drama! That one point was a slider to home plate.

When we got home, SillyBilly helped me make homemade coleslaw to go along with the crock pot chicken and leftover rice for dinner. Then after dinner, Anthropapa said, “Should we go to the…you know…that place down the road on the corner?” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge….

You see, we have to speak in code. And our codes are necessarily getting more complex all the time. Soon we’ll have to learn Swahili to speak of secret or undecided things in front of the kids.

We did go to the place. The Dairy Queen place. We ate way too much ice cream.

Life was good today.

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Homemade Yummy Update

A few days ago I shared the delightful discovery of a recipe for homemade Magic Shell®. I have good news to report.

This stuff rocks!

I used about 8 DOVE® Dark Chocolate Miniatures, the chocolate I had on hand. That worked out to be about 1/3 cup, or two rather large adult servings. (I noticed the ice cream container’s nutritional information was based on a 1/2 cup serving. Who are they kidding?) I used approximately a half of a 1/3 cup measure of Nutiva extra-virgin coconut oil.

I melted them together in a double boiler with a pinch of salt, then poured the result on top of some tin roof sundae ice cream. It hardened right away, even being still warm from the pan. We ate it all up.

It was definitely a bit coconut flavored. So if you don’t like that, you might want to use refined coconut oil. Also it was significantly thinner than the store version. Not sure what I’d use to thicken it. Maybe arrowroot or kuzu? (Darn…when Anthropapa did special effects for film, we had several jars of alginate laying around…that might have worked!

So, do try it, and stay away from the funky ingredients in the store version. (Do you really want to eat mono and diglycerides, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, or micro-crystalline stearine? Me neither.)


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Healthy, Homemade Junk Food?

I know, sounds like a complete oxymoron. Or moron something-or-other.

But I just found this through my daily Craft blog feed: homemade Magic Shell! (Not sure if this product is sold outside the US. For those unfamiliar with this miracle of modern food science: it’s a fairly odd chocolate liquid that hardens on contact with ice cream.)

Now, Anthropapa and I have indulged in the storebought version many times. It tries very hard to taste like chocolate, and it’s full of hydrogenated this and emulsifier that. Not exactly in line with our dietary aspirations.

But this recipe has a grand total of three ingredients: chocolate, coconut oil, and salt.

I can so very much get behind this recipe. We always have coconut oil in our pantry, as it’s a very healthy oil (especially for children).

Pardon me, I must go out and get some chocolate and a squeeze bottle.

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