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Tired of It

An online article in the Christian Science Monitor a few days ago (about someone suing the pharmaceutical company Wyeth for insufficient warning language on a drug label–a musician who lost her arm because of side effects!) contained these two sentences:

Forty-seven states and an array of consumer advocacy, medical, and other groups have filed friend of the court briefs supporting Levine. Wyeth has received supporting briefs from drug industry lobbyists, business groups, and the Bush administration.

I am tired of our political system being so overtly and completely allied with lobbyists and corporations. While I agree that our government should be concerned about the financial health of businesses large and small in the interest of the overall health of our economy, it’s disheartening to feel that our elected officials cater more to business entities than the citizens they truly represent.

I’m sorry, but I think human beings’ needs are more important than business needs. While I can’t say whether the suit described in the Monitor‘s article has merit, it’s yet another instance when lobbyists, business groups, and the federal government are all allied together, seemingly united against individual citizens.

I look at it this way: if my house were on fire, I’d grab my kids, not my computer, even though I need my computer to earn money. My kids are incalculably more important.

I’d just like my elected officials to think in a similar way sometimes.

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