Antisocial Behavior

I just thought I would bring the following two items to the attention of my 5-6 loyal readers.

May your experiences in formerly sedate venues such as restaurants and bookstores be serene once more.

Turn that thing off!


This public service announcement brought to you by the Annoyed Virgos of America.



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3 responses to “Antisocial Behavior

  1. (un)relaxeddad

    Alternatively, one could just carry around a baseball bat – more sparks!

  2. Sarah

    I’ve got to get one of those remotes, especially for at my inlaws house! On the cell phones, we were at Day out with Thomas today and the “Lonesome Hobos” band stopped playing , asked a woman who she was talking to and then stood waiting until she got off the phone. She couldn’t believe it was happening to her – it was great.

  3. Kerryn

    I like the decidely low-tech baseball bat solution but don’t think I could bring myself to swing it. I definitely need one of those television remotes and I think I might create a few of those cards for myself.

    You know how flying is one of the few reprieves we get from cellphone conversation? Qantas are going to be trialling sms and email on certain flights this year, with the possibility that they’ll extend the trial to inflight phone calls. NOOOooooooo!!! Might we see a rise in the incidence of mid-flight rage?

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