Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker Study

In November 2008 I decided to begin posting summaries of and commentary on Manfred Schmidt-Brabant’s wonderful book, The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker.

Part 1: Individuality and Insight

Part 2: Home as New Mystery Center

Part 3: Home as Organism

Part 4: Physical Realm

Part 5: Etheric Realm

Part 6: Astral Realm

Part 7: Spiritual Realm

Part 8: Rhythm

Part 9: Culture

Part 10: Inner Work


5 responses to “Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker Study

  1. Bex

    Fabulous! Can’t wait to start chewing over all this stuff…XXxx

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  3. Felicity Dalton

    Hey, I am an anthromama too, and this morning while hubbie and daughters still asleep, finished re-reading Schmidt-Brabant’s book, searched for reference to its origins, Googled for potentially another Homemaker’s Conference at the Goetheanum, scrolled down the results, lo and behold, found your website, so Hi there, so fantastic to meet you thru the web. Below are my details, I’ll now look through your website. Best wishes, Felicity.

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  5. Luciana

    thank you so much ! you have a special way to write … feelings and emotions and concepts are conveyed so beautifully !

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