The Simplicity of 3-year-old Fun

I realized I had a few pictures to post that I thought were interesting, and only a slightly interesting way to link them together with any cohesion, thereby avoiding one of those “random crap” post titles. Or maybe I just need to take some random-crap-post-titling lessons from Papa Bradstein. (No offense meant, Papa B. Luvya!)

First we have the latest local attraction, baby robins:

(They’re already full-fledged, but I just didn’t have time to upload this while the news was breaking.) These birds were kind enough to nest only about 4 feet off the ground in our neighbor’s cherry tree, allowing us a close-up view of how freakish nestlings are. Word must have gotten around, because when I excitedly asked a local kid if they’d seen the baby birds, this 7-year-old gave me a “yeah” worthy of the grungiest teen. I am so yesterday’s news.

Then we have this rather odd installation piece by Napoleona:

She advised me that this was her “nightstand” next to her bed. I thought the sacrificial pose of the farm animals combined with the wooden-play-carrot-piece lingam and cup-full-of-rocks yoni and with the sparkly Indian box were worthy of the next highbrow Asian fusion gallery opening. Also note the oh-so-trendy homemade crochet doll blanket serving as part of the display surface — didn’t you know all the hip chicks crochet now?

And then, the first hot day worthy of playing directly in the water:

Napoleona spent about half and hour sitting directly in the brook, happily scooping up sand and piling it on the rock to her left. She said something about it being a gnome’s sandbox. I tell you: who really needs toys!!



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4 responses to “The Simplicity of 3-year-old Fun

  1. (un)relaxeddad

    Love the robins picture. And the nightstand! This tremendous care in arranging things – just what exactly is going in their wonderful little heads?

  2. Kerryn

    I love that photo of Napoleona — such innocence and joy.

    And her nightstand? Pure brilliance!

  3. Henitsirk

    They just sit there creating their own worlds…it often strikes me that they’re making little altars of some sort, maybe a sign of the child’s natural sense of reverence? Of course, we have our nature table in their room, so they’re used to seeing me arrange things in that way.

  4. Papa Bradstein

    Luvya too! At least your random crap posts have interesting items, like baby birds. How cool is that?

    Sooo cool.

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