Today was the Day We Really Started Celebrating Christmas.

We’re a little early for the Waldorf crowd, who typically keep Christmas at bay through Advent, and then keep it around through until Twelfth Night. But I just can’t wait that long. Poor will forces, I know.

This morning we went to the library (not Christmas related, but just something fun to do), where we looked at many books, Napoleona had a substantial nosebleed right there in the children’s section (dry wind plus dry heated indoor air plus someone who can’t stop picking her nose), and I got to smirk at all the technophobes standing in the checkout line as I sailed past them, having self-scanned my books at the machine over in the corner in approximately 45 seconds.

Then, Christmas officially started. We went to the tree lot on the corner by our house, petted the tree people’s golden retriever, and chose our little tree. We always get a little one, usually only a few inches taller than Anthropapa and not very wide, to fit in our tiny house. Not a Charlie Brown tree, but certainly a petite one as Christmas trees go.

Napoleona asked the nice tree salesmen if she could have the little stumps cut off of the bottoms of the trees, which will come to some nefarious use out in the yard, I’m sure. SillyBilly ran smack into the chainsaw in one of the men’s hands, luckily when it was turned off. We got our tree, and a wreath, and beat it home before any disasters happened.

After much struggling, cramping of arms and shoulders on the cold wood floor, and overall frustration, Anthropapa got the tree into its ingenious stand. Ingenious because you can actually level the darn thing, after you get the tree into it. He had to chop off a few lower branches, which made the tree look a little chicken-legged under there, but no matter. I slapped on 42 strands of lights, and after a blessedly long nap, the kids helped me adorn it with ornaments. We also made red and yellow paper chains, because we really needed one more craft project going on.

Anthropapa avoided all the decorating fuss by retreating to the grocery store, where he purchased our festive holiday dinner item, a leg of lamb. He’s the Christmas feast cook, so whatever he says, goes. We talked about making a plum pudding with hard sauce for the festive dessert, but actually getting together the wherewithal to buy a pudding mold seemed beyond our capabilities at this point. So I may be making my mom’s Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake. Seems a bit wrong to me, as it is not typically a special occasion item, scrumptious as it may be. But making a bûche de noël seems beyond me too, and that’s the only other thing that sounds fancy enough. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

I put together the little revolving Swedish candle/bell thingies, which is one of those items that Looks So Cheerful and Festive Yet Really Drives Us Crazy When We Put It To Use. Tomorrow I’ll try to decorate the wreath on the front door, and perhaps make a garland to hang over the kids’ room door from the tree trimmings. And we’ll be updating our advent corner.

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll post photos of some of the odd Christmas ornaments we’ve got in our collection (can you say 70’s and sequins?) and the advent corner. Because I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to learn more about Suburban American Holiday Decorating Traditions, right?



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5 responses to “Today was the Day We Really Started Celebrating Christmas.

  1. Yes, yes! Bring them on, I want to know about them.

    We did a Group Family Christmas Shopping Expedition: short, but nevertheless shattering. The whole family required naps afterwards.

    We are getting our tree today and our tradition is that Thomas and the kids decorate it, while I drift around vaguely. I love it.

  2. I wish the libraries I go to had automatic book check-out machines. My old library did, they were so handy. There would be no waiting in queues with a crying child and listening to a non-English-speaker tell the librarian their life story… That always seems to happen to me.

    I’m not feeling remotely Christmasy right now. We’re all ill again – just annoying colds plus the Kikzy’s last molar is coming through, it’s all a bit yuck.

    I think the Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake sounds delicious. Definitely make that one! I made a carrot cake last year and it was just right.

  3. Who knew (you, I suppose) that those candle/bell thingies are Swedish? You’d think that IKEA would have them in pallet loads. We had them too, growing up. Nothing will make you go a little, or a lot, dingie faster.

  4. Charlotte: I think we’re starting a tradition where Papa lounges around while the kids and I decorate the tree. Which is fine by me. Two Virgos at once might cause the tree to spontaneously combust!

    Helen: I hope you all feel more sprightly in time for your trip! I think I will make that cake after all. What could be more festive than large doses of chocolate?

    Papa B: Dingie is the word. I suppose those German wooden ones aren’t so annoying, except when you realize you had to donate a lung to afford one.

  5. We’re just starting to establish decorating traditions, though the-crib-in-front-of-the-buddha-in-the-fireplace has made a return to popular acclaim).

    The Christmas tree, though, is the best single thing that we’ve ever brought home as far as I can tell…

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