Twists and Turns


I was just reading this in my feed reader, about a man whose career as a linguist took an unexpected turn after a chance discussion on a plane flight.

It reminded me of the times in life where I can look back and wonder at how things change, sometimes in ways I didn’t notice or expect at the time.


Like when I just wanted a new career (taking phone calls from irate physicians who wanted their claims paid just wasn’t feeding my soul, ya know) and found Rudolf Steiner College on the internet, leading to the past 10 years of studying anthroposophy and Waldorf education. Which also led to my first paying work as a copy editor, for the RSC Press, which did in the end give me a new career, though in a completely unanticipated way.

Or the time in college that I decided to go with friends to a strange apartment for a party, something I wasn’t normally all that keen to do. Where I then met Anthropapa.


Or when I was just starting to wean SillyBilly at nine months old, and thought to myself that it was time to think about birth control again. And then Napoleona announced herself.

When did your life take a turn for the unexpected?



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8 responses to “Twists and Turns

  1. This is great…I think those unexpected twists and turns in life are often what brings our most precious blessings. I sure never expected to be a stay at home mom who home schools my kids but I’m very happy.

  2. I’d have a shorter list if I only listed the times that events transpired as I had expected them to.

  3. Blind date, ten years ago. love him still.

  4. Oh Wow! So many things, so little time. There is one I can quickly think of; I was a self-proclaimed celibate after I gave birth to Amelia and my eyes were opened to what a jerk Amelia’s “sperm donor”, I mean father was/is…five (LONG!) years later I met this amazing man in Yellow Springs, just so sweet, gentle and intelligent, he was a life-coach and really had his stuff together *sigh*. I was taking it way slow, I thought he was the one I would give myself lustily away to one day…then, I went to an Organic Farming conference, I met Jerome. I thought he was arrogant and so full of himself with that “French” accent. I thought to myself that that wasn’t a very fair judgment, that he deserved a second chance. We spent two days talking and a sweet kiss at the end of the conference. When I went home and went to see the other guy, he had met someone that same weekend at a conference he went to. HA! (well, his relationship didn’t turn out, and he came crying to me. I was happy with my relationship, so he bought himself a half-gallon of ice-cream and ate it while telling my all his heartache- I thought only women did that!) You just never know what is out there waiting for us.

    I hope you have delightfully unexpected surprises on your new journey back West to Idaho!

  5. Ah, when I met my husband. Cheesy? Perhaps. But my hard core urban artist advertising world no children musician lifestyle encountered someone who was smart and real and interesting! Who knew. And he was 10 years younger than me, and I was friends with his older brother (so was my best friend)…quite the hoopla. After a month or two of dating, when he said that he wanted a family and he couldn’t imagine his life without children…well…uh…ok. So here we are. NEVER expected this life – and isn’t it wonderful. 🙂 My old friends call me a “breeder”, but then I guess they weren’t friends now, were they?

  6. MANY times!!!! Synchronicity is always so mindblowing! I’ll have to find some still time today and go back and try to write down some of those memories.

  7. Eve

    Unexpected turns? Oh, Lordy, where do I even start?

  8. One unexpected turn was when I met Jim, which I wrote about on my blog a while ago. Another was when I went to a chamber music institute for a 6 week course and came back “knowing” that I needed to study music. Boy, did that decision ever change my life!

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