SillyBilly’s Science Project

QUESTION: What would you like to find out?

What does mold need to grow?

HYPOTHESIS: What do you predict will happen when you do your experiment?

I think mold needs food and water to grow.

PROCEDURE: What will you do to test the prediction of your experiment?

I will put things in plastic bags and let them sit for a week. Some things are wet and some are dry. Some things are food and some are not.


The bread, cheese, and wet paper got moldy. The dry paper, dirt, water, potato, and dried beans did not.

The dried beans and dry paper did not have water. The water did not have food. I think the paper is food for the mold.

Why didn’t the dirt and potato get moldy?

1. The dirt did not have food for the mold.
2. The mold needed longer than one week to grow.
3. The mold is too small to see.

SillyBilly had to explain his experiment to his classmates and a judge. He received “outstanding” marks (N.B.: the choices were “good” and “outstanding”.) and the judge congratulated him for the amount of thought he put into the experiment. The children were graded on whether they completed the steps of the scientific method (the headings in bold).

We were really stumped by the mold-free potato. We thought for sure that the potato had the requisite food and water. I wonder, aside from the three possibilities listed, if potatoes have a mold-repelling chemical in them? Something to investigate in the future.

Great job, SillyBilly!



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5 responses to “SillyBilly’s Science Project

  1. Great job Billy! It’s science fair time for my daughter as well. She made an egg float in sugar water. 🙂 That is interesting about the potato…was it organic or conventional?

  2. What a very thorough and thoughtful experiment. That is really odd about the potato … I think the answer is that the mold needs more than a week to become really visible. I’ve been amazed at the longevity of root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, even in damp conditions; I think they’re just stubborn.

  3. I never realized wet paper would get moldy, either. I’ve learned something today from your intrepid little scientist.

  4. Tammy

    Way to go Silly Billy. I wonder if you wait a little longer on the potato if it will show mold.

  5. Nana

    Yes, I do have a brilliant, beautiful grandson. I am so proud of his science experiment!

    Next time he may want to consider adding another element to the experiment. Does mold grow faster in the light or in the dark?

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