Yet another meme…

I’ll have to add memes as another reason to blog! This one courtesy of White Thoughts.

Yourself: wheezy

Your partner: unsettled

Your hair: shiny

Your mother: silly

Your father: happy

Your favourite item: shell

Your dream last night: lonely

Your favourite drink: coffee

Your dream car: biodiesel

Your dream home: tidy

The room you are in: stuffed

Your ex: none

Your fear: inadequacy

Where you want to be in ten years: farm

Who you hung out with last night: Anthropapa

What you’re not: slim

Muffins: chocolate

One of your wish list items: space

Time: naptime

The last thing you did: breathed

What you are wearing: angora

Your favourite weather: cold

Your favourite book: magical

Last thing you ate: chocolate

Your life: transitioning

Your mood: curious

Your best friend: Anthropapa

What are you thinking about right now: blogging

Your car: surviving

What are you doing at the moment: breathing

Your summer: green

Relationship status: working

What is on your tv: dust

What is the weather like: cloudy

When is the last time you laughed: 11:30



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3 responses to “Yet another meme…

  1. Helen

    Yes, it’s naptime for me too (well, not for me, for a certain small noisy person). I like this meme. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a single word to describe things but the results are so interesting.

  2. Henitsirk

    I’m just noticing some things reading over the meme that I didn’t see before:

    what you’re not: slim
    muffin: chocolate
    last thing you ate: chocolate

    dream home: tidy
    room you’re in: stuffed

    Hmm…seems like there are connections here!

  3. Helen

    I wondered why my post for that meme was in my top ten. Was it because I put “muffin: stud”? Maybe I’m getting some hits from unexpected quarters! (Or people expecting pictures?)

    My dream home would be tidy and it wouldn’t be me doing the tidying, that’s for sure.

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