On a lighter note…

OK, that last post was way too serious. Time for some more Harry Potter:

Hermione’s a great feminist role model and all, but as a mom and knitter, I must claim Molly Weasley as my true hero.

She may fall short in the homemaking department, and her taste in sweaters is unusual…but do not mess with her! From that first howler she sent Ron to her dueling skills in HP 7, Molly proves herself to be one strong mama.

I also envy her the Burrow and all its accoutrements. Wouldn’t I love a clock that showed me what my loved ones were up to? Wouldn’t I love a house that had room for loads of guests? And wouldn’t I love a cool husband like Arthur? Oh that’s right, I do have a cool husband. Check one thing off the list!

I think she echoes the deep feelings of all parents when her worst fear (as revealed by the boggart) is the death of her loved ones. She has devoted herself to her family, with intense love. It speaks to me personally that Rowling’s tone when describing her is a bit teasing (as an adult child might shake their head over a parent’s oddities) but in truth really respectful of her power as a mother.

Anyway, it’s not all that deep, Molly just rocks!


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  1. Helen

    I want a wand to do the housework with! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

    I’ve been spending every free minute reading Harry Potter as well – it’s almost a relief to be finished and out from under the spell!

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