Perhaps this bodes well…

For a decent snowy winter this year:

Evidently it normally doesn’t snow around here until Christmas, so we were quite surprised to see this when we awoke this morning! The kids got to make one quite meager snowball each before going off to daycare. It’s supposed to turn to rain later, so I warned them not to get too excited.

Last year’s winter was mostly just cold and muddy: not much fun and hard to find ways to get the kids outside. We’re praying for a nice cold, snowy winter (in moderation, of course, knock wood!)

Maybe it’s just the California girl coming out in me, but I can’t imagine becoming tired of snow. I know certain grandparents of ours have fled the cold winters, and maybe if I’d lived here for most of my life I’d feel the same. But right now I simply marvel at my luck to live somewhere with such beauty.



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4 responses to “Perhaps this bodes well…

  1. Charlotte

    We had the same muddy winter last year and hope for some real snow this time around. I love snow because it makes everything bright and light!

  2. Kerryn

    I think I’d love snow too, as long as it stayed light and beautiful like this. Wow. I’m just oh so slightly envious as we are expecting another day in the mid to high 30C range (upwards of 96F is forecast today) and I miss the cooler weather.

    I hope it’s a good, snowy winter this year for you.

  3. maymomvt (or Sarah)

    We have 4″ today! The other day my girls looked at the thermometer and said “oh goody, it’s getting colder!” They really prefer the cold, snowy weather and play outdoors more in the winter than in other seasons. True Vermonters, I guess.

  4. (un)relaxeddad

    Snow – I remember snowy Christmases when I was little. Or when I was 18, even. Though last year it actually snowed properly in February in London.

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