Yes, it’s that book meme

I already posted today, but this little meme has been tickling the back of my mind for a while now. I love that it’s so random, and about books. I have two books that qualify, so I’ll do both. This one has appeared on several blogs I read lately, but I can’t remember them all, so the blame credit goes to (un)relaxeddad.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).

2. Open the book to page 123. Update: go on to 223, 323, etc. if necessary to find something interesting.

3. Find the 5th Sentence.

4. Post the next 3 sentences.

5. Tag 5 people. Feh. I don’t mind being tagged, but I never feel like tagging others. Play if you wish.

Hookay. The nearest book at hand is Theosophy, by Rudolf Steiner. I’m part of an online study group working with this one.

Our physical eyes perceive a lion, and our sense-oriented thinking perceives the idea of the lion merely as a phantom, a shadowy image. But in the country of spirit beings, the idea of the lion is as real and visible to our spiritual eyes as the physical lion is to our physical eyes. The comparison we used in connection with the soul world is also pertinent.

Sorry, that last sentence is a bit out of context. Not Steiner at his most esoteric or odd, though “the country of spirit beings” is a bit of a teaser. Page 223 is in the index, so I’ll spare you that.

The other book at hand is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I’m reading it for the second time. It’s spring, we just saw some new lambs yesterday, and it’s time to think about whether we can find any sunny patches in our maple forest-infested yard to plant some veggies in a few months.

Local food is a handshake deal in a community gathering place. It involves farmers with first names, who show up week after week. It means an open-door policy on the fields, where neighborhood buyers are welcome to come have a look, and pick their food from the vine.

Well, that’s great, but where are the funny anecdotes about phallic asparagus or stinky goats? Let’s try page 223 to see if something more juicy comes up:

The farm-liberation fantasy simply reflects a modern cultural confusion about farm animals. They’re human property,  not just legally but biologically. Over the millennia of our clever history, we created from wild progenitors whole new classes of beasts whose sole purpose was to feed us.

Ah well, we’ve caught her in her didactic sections. Moving right along…one more book close at hand is Miss Bianca by Margery Sharp. Loved this as a kid, got it for my kids recently at a thrift store. This copy is older than I am, has pages falling out, has caramel-colored oxidized pages, and has that sweet old-book smell. I love it dearly.

It was a long, dreadful night indeed, to Patience and Miss Bianca — running and running, pausing just for a moment when Patience had a stitch, then running and running again! In the thick of the forest as they now were, they had certain advantages: so many rabbit and ferret runs, so many fox and badger paths, confused their scent. But it was Torment Miss Bianca had heard: fleeter of foot than his sergeant (as corporals often are), Torment had at once taken the lead, and well it was for Patience and Miss Bianca that his nose now and then betrayed him!

Now, don’t you agree that I should have reached for the children’s section to begin with? How’s that for imagery, action, mood?



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8 responses to “Yes, it’s that book meme

  1. Yes! Very good snippet, I was engaged.

  2. I love “the country of spirit beings”. I know very little about Steiner so I don’t know what exactly he means by this. The words are conjuring up amazing ideas.

    I might do this tomorrow if I’m back on Planet Sanity.

  3. The same thing happened to me when I did the book meme. The children’s book was way more beautifully written. Regarding the Steiner quote–it’s out of context, so I’m not sure that this is right (LOL-isn’t that the caveat one ALWAYS gives when discussing Steiner?) but I think about this when the kids want to see a movie with particularly violent imagery–that their spiritual being would be seeing it as well and it just isn’t necessary. Does this make any sense?

  4. OK. So, I went and read through the study group and have decided that I must pull Theosophy off my shelf and read it. N read it with a study group while I did “Higher Worlds.” Some of the paragraphs toward the end about the relationships of emotion and thinking and the relationship to spirit and actions gives me greater insight into why my girls are doing what they are in school.

  5. SusieJ: I just love the Miss Bianca books — I’ve always had a thing for mice. For some reason (can you say “live-action movie”?) it is hard to find the original ones now.

    Helen: I’ll be waiting for your version! Plus, of course, your take on Murakami.

    Sarah: If you have time and the desire, please do join our study group! We’re just still on chapter one, so we haven’t gotten into the real meat of it yet.

    I see that with my kids as well, though not with violence as much as any TV or computer images. They remember things they saw on the TV at Nana’s house from last May! It obviously deeply penetrates them, far beyond their normal memory capacities.

  6. Is that the Barbara Kingsolver of the Poisonwood Bible? (Yes, I could go and look it up but that wouldn’t be much of a conversation, would it?) I did love that book. So she’s written a whole book on food? I’ll have to check it out.

  7. URD: Yes, the same. This book is quite funny, in between the parts about nutrition and feedlots and such. I haven’t read any of her fiction, though it has been recommended to me several times. Perhaps a trip to the library is in order!

  8. Poisonwood Bible was one of my very favorite books. I also liked Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but it’s quite a different genre!

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