Words as Mouthfuls

I have a big post, or maybe several, on the structure/regimentation/authority question. But just now, I am struck by something much more mundane and silly:


The book I’m editing right now is about education in post-WWII Germany. It is full of these wonderful, chewy, loooong words:

Staatsbürgerkundebücher — Political education textbooks

Arbeitsgemeinschaften — Study groups

Unterrichtsprinzip — Teaching principle (a particular favorite: 6 consonants in a row!)

Schulfunkparlament — Student parliament (which never ceases to remind me of this)

Schülermitverwaltung — Student government

And for their lovely rhythm when spoken, Fragebogen (questionnaires) and Schichtunterricht (teaching in shifts).

OK, back to work.



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6 responses to “Words as Mouthfuls

  1. Wouldn’t those words be quite the challenge for a spelling test! ;p

  2. Isn’t German fantastically chewy? Now I’m off to take my child to a meeting of her Schulanfängerklub (school starters’ club).

  3. I, too immediately thought of George Clinton and P-Funk. They are very long words but I love the precision of the language- can’t speak a lick of it though. My French is terrible as well, I understand it completely but cannot make the transition of letting it come out my mouth. Except for the swear words!?

  4. Very interesting. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Blessings as you adjust to the little ones going to school.

  5. I do miss those words. Maybe I should take up German again. I love it that schadenfreude has become a mainstream English expression.

  6. I love that! My husband is a German speaker, so always peeks over my shoulder at your posts of this nature and pronounces everything for me, and tells me what he thinks they mean! 😉

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