It’s All Good

I’m sitting in a comfy chair, eating a wedge of homemade chocolate chip shortbread.* I look out the window to watch SillyBilly flying a toy airplane out on the lawn in the wind. I can hear a cat munching on kibble across the room, and in a minute he’ll probably come over and try to lie on top of my laptop. Once I finish this post, I’ll keep working on my latest editing project, a monograph about water rights, agency, and identity in Australia. Later, SillyBilly and I will do some laundry, make some bread,** and probably make some more Christmas cards. In quiet moments, I might muse on the long phone conversation I had last night with our old friend who is now a successful novelist, whom we haven’t spoken to in about fifteen years.

Here comes the cat. Have a peaceful day!

* * * * *

*The perfect recipe for little kids to make all by themselves:

Cream 2 sticks of butter with 1/2 cup sugar.

Mix in some chocolate chips, and 2 cups of flour. (I had to help with this part as it’s very dry, stiff dough.)

Press the dough into a pan and bake for 40 minutes at 300F. When a toothpick comes out clean, let cool in the pan. Cut a piece and snarf it down. Loll about reveling in the contentment your tummy now feels, and then run about like a madman with the sugar rush.

**Update: I just took two loaves out of the oven. You know that rule that says you shouldn’t cut open freshly baked bread until it’s cool? THE SMELL OF THIS BREAD IS KILLING ME!

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11 responses to “It’s All Good

  1. You’ve painted such a beautiful picture in my mind of your good life right now. Thanks for the shortbread recipe…sounds delicious.

  2. I love the moments of being able to sit, and just be. My boys have always been high energy and needing me every 1.2 minutes…as they get older and they actually play together (!), focus on something (!) and can just be for a bit a few times a day I get to sit down and have a cup of coffee or scribble in my notebook. Ahhhh. 🙂

    That shortbread recipe looks exceptionally easy – gotta try it!

  3. When I was little the story was that if you ate bread fresh from the oven you would get ringworm! But my mum used to make wholemeal bread that was so delicious we could never help but eat it warm – with no ill effects, I have to say! Did you give in?!

    Not much peace going on here at the moment but it’s all good too!

  4. Dawn: It’s unhealthy in about 4 ways, but so yummy 🙂

    Denise: Did you notice how my son was outside playing during this peaceful vignette? My daughter was at school, too! It’s only natural that kids want to be with and do things with their parents. But also how much we adults need a few minutes’ peace now and then.

    Helen: I did not give in! I went away and did some work, and then when SillyBilly came in from playing we had some bread and butter. It was so, so good!

  5. Exactly. I love being with them, but having a minute of peace is lovely too… 🙂

  6. Yumm I can almost smell the baking. A moment of peace sounds just wonderful! Hey – can you shed any light on why Steiner teachers are supposed to cover their arms (apart from the fact that it probably wasn’t often warm enough for sleeveless tops or remotely appropriate in early 20th century Germany)

  7. Sounds lovely. I need to take more moments like that.

  8. Mon

    I’m just no good at waiting for baking goods to cool, especially cookies.

    I’m off to work out what the heck ‘sticks’ of butter translates to again.

  9. Gypsy: I haven’t heard that admonition specifically, but I would guess what you said is correct, about being warm, and probably something similar to why many kindergarten teachers wear skirts (the women, anyway) and/or aprons — it suggests the etheric body.

    Mon: At least in the US, a stick of butter is 8 tablespoons, or half a cup. No idea what Balkan measurements are!

  10. Did you tell him that he should sit up straight when he’s on TV?

  11. Papa B: Who — SillyBilly, the cat, or Marc?

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