Feeling bleh.

Worked a lot today.

Didn’t do such a good job parenting the Waldorf way: I watched couple of videos on the computer with SillyBilly today, cooked a huge slab o’meat for dinner, lost my temper.

Worrying about money, worrying that the kids are getting another cold, worrying how I’m going to get enough work done next week when SillyBilly has three days off and Napoleona two.

I did three loads of laundry and only one-and-a-half of them dried properly.

Bedtime sucked, frankly. I think the kids were overtired, and Anthropapa was at a rehearsal.

I’m going to eat some (more) chocolate now and cheer myself up by reading all of your blogs.

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6 responses to “Bleh

  1. Sorry your day wasn’t so great…chocolate and blogging usually helps me feel better to. 😉

  2. I, for one, am somewhat relieved to know that you’re not perfect. 🙂

    Chocolate, blogging, and a big ol’ slab of meat … if those things don’t fix your day, nothing will.

    If they fail, however, you might consider an emergency application of a milkshake and french fries. This application is much better after 10 PM, as long as you go to this place near my house, but that might be kind of a long drive.

  3. Urgh, I can relate to this so much. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Kiko was over-tired when he went to bed tonight too, and we’ve eaten too much fast food in recent days, even if this has been interspersed by home-cooked meals from fresh veggies. Why can’t I focus on the home-cooked meals instead of the guilt trip, eh?!

    I also know that awful feeling of worry when you can sense the approach of a cold. Kiko sneezed on three occasions today and the whole day I was thinking please, please, please no……!!!! We’re meant to reduce his steroid inhaler in December so I am freaking out. I hope your two are doing well and that the symptoms you saw were just them fighting off the nasties!

  4. Dawn: Thanks for listening to me whine.

    David: Perfect? Bwahahahahaha! That would be a long drive. Even longer if I wanted In-n-Out, whose fries and chocolate milkshakes are so, so good.

    Helen: So far, so good. Knock wood!

  5. You forget to wash down the chocolate with a bottle of wine, if you had you would be imitating my coping method when things get hairy. I hope you all are feeling better soon.

  6. Lisa Anne: Sadly, I don’t like wine very much. Now a nice cool gin and tonic, or possibly a Black and Tan…. We seem to be doing OK, though bedtime wasn’t so great again tonight. Lots of short tempers. I think we all need more sleep.

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