A Week in Photos

SillyBilly had the week off because his school was closed for parent-teacher conferences and teachers’ conferences. So in between him making LEGO contraptions, playing outside with friends (usually riding his bike or scooter, trying to climb a tree,or roaming around with a bunch of boys brandishing sticks and light sabers!), and eating me out of house and home, we did a few things together.

On Tuesday the Idaho Museum of Natural History was giving away bird guides to any kids who came in with an adult, in honor of the Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend. (We’ll have to figure out where we can do that, since our apartment complex only seems to attract starlings.) We hadn’t been to the museum yet, even though it’s just downstairs from Anthropapa’s office. It’s a great little museum, perfect for kids, with easily digestible exhibits and a nice hands-on science exploration room. We looked at lots of dinosaur and ancient mammal skeletons, displays of how a paleontology excavation looks, a video on Idaho geology, and some beautiful taxidermied local bird species. And of course ye olde gifte shoppe, which was selling real excavating tools (!) but we settled for some coloring books.

So after that we were inspired to make volcanoes! (You know: dinosaurs + geology = volcanoes, right?) First we made a practice one out of a paper plate, aluminum foil, and an empty yogurt container:

Our dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar lava was yellow because we were out of red food coloring!

Then after we got a handle on how the volcano would work, we made another one out of the yogurt container and air-dry clay:

I’ll have to convince SillyBilly to add a bit more clay, and then he’ll paint it. He’s also got big plans to add gravel and some dinosaurs to make a scene. Maybe I’ll make him some little clay palm trees to go with it.

One day this week we got a bit more snow (though it’s melted again by now) and since I had finally remembered to charge the camera batteries, we stopped on the way home from dropping off Anthropapa and Napoleona at ISU to get a shot of the beautiful Portneufs:

Next time I’ll try to zoom in a bit to show the peaks more, but at least you can see the beautiful colors and morning light of winter here. The city, which is somewhat lower than the bank of trees in the middle foreground, is at about about 4500′ and these mountains reach about 8000′.

Then just after I took that photo, I happened to look down at my feet:

Not my footprints, but those of a leetle rabbit who had passed by sometime earlier.

On other days we went to the library, where SillyBilly all by himself asked the reference librarian where to find books on dragons. We hit the thrift store to buy some shirts, as both kids have been doing all sorts of growing lately. And both kids made a pile of valentines for school. (Napoleona had her party today — we were evidently the only ones to make our own valentines. I’m not sure I get why Spiderman, Hannah Montana, and sexy fairies have to do with Valentine’s day. Ours had hearts punched out, heart stickers…just hearts.)

This afternoon after we made some rosemary bread together, SillyBilly asked to use the camera. Things rapidly got out of hand:

In that last one he is wiggling his latest loose tooth. Where did this big boy come from, and what did he do with my baby boy? And then I see things like this, and I can already imagine the young man he will become:

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18 responses to “A Week in Photos

  1. It looks like such a pretty place where you live. I’m with you on the Valentines….I like the homemade ones much better. I love the picture of you and SillyBilly.

  2. Mon

    What a cool volcanoe, especially if he adds gravel.
    Beautiful snowy scene.
    Love the pics of the family. He is growing, even I can tell just from the few I’ve seen of him.

  3. Alida

    I love the blue hue snow gives everything. What a fun week. I can vividly imagine the boys walking around weilding their lightsabers! What a handsome young man he will be.

  4. Idaho sure looks beautiful. Sounds like you had a lovely week together.

  5. How exciting I have just found your blog. Right up my alley. So excited. Thanks for sharing all your tales..xx

  6. Isn’t he a handsome boy! I’ve been wondering the same about Kiko recently, where on earth did the big boy come from? He’s suddenly become toilet trained and incredibly verbal, he’s out of the pram and is asking “Why?” every two seconds. It seems as though it happened overnight. It all goes too fast, doesn’t it? Although it is lovely to see them growing up into big strong boys, especially after all the initial worries.

    Heh, I remember playing light sabres too, it seems like five minutes ago…

  7. Thank you everyone, and welcome to Amber!

  8. I love the foil “practice” volcano … it’s quite beautiful. You two look so happy together; I wish I could come over and share an off-school-day adventure, complete with bunny tracks.

  9. What fun! I never got to make a volcano, I only had a collection of pure cultures of various paramecia I had isolated from our local pond water sitting in the dining room window.

    I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count, managing to get birds watched each day. Sometimes I watch my feeders as we eat breakfast and lunch, sometimes I count who I am seeing and hearing when I walk Ruby. Hope you got to participate.

  10. Sounds like a great week.

    My son lost his first tooth last week. Wowza. Getting so big.

    We often have yellow volcanoes too (really!)…I never can find the red coloring. He he. 🙂

  11. Tammy

    Katie made a volcano a couple of years ago…we still talk about how much fun that was. So much prep time, then only about 10 seconds of the volcano actually erupting, lol!

    I can’t believe how much more snow we have up this way. I guess 45 miles makes a difference.

    Also, we’ve never been to that museum, we’ll have to give it a go soon. Have you been to the Bannock County Historical Museum yet? I think we are going to visit that one soon where Kayla is studying Native Americans. It’s somewhere there in Pocatello, but I’m not sure where.

  12. Must try that volcano! We’re half way through half-term and dudelet has been relatively creative too – we made a CD for mummy yesterday with twelve tracks on (all verses of the same song – still unfinished!!!) and started a sea monkey’s farm. Now if only dudelette would get over her chesty cough and sleep…

    Great photos – we seem to have finished our brush with blizzards for the year, though it was fun whilst it lasted.

  13. Yay for volcanos!!!
    And ya can’t beat those cool lil animal tracks in the snow.
    Ok. Rosemary bread. My FAVORITE!!!

  14. David: Come on over, it’s only about 10 hours’ drive 🙂 The foil ended up looking much more volcanoey than the clay, with the flowing shapes running down the sides. The clay one looked like some kind of amateur claymation backdrop!

    HMH: Well, the volcano might be a little less scientific than growing paramecia, but it’s really fun. Instant results, too. We did not end up doing the bird count, unfortunately. We’ll earn our bird book next year — hopefully we’ll have a backyard by then!

    Denise: Your son lost a tooth? Wow! My daughter keeps saying her teeth are loose, but she’s not even 5 yet and she’s just copying her big brother 🙂

    Tammy: That’s one reason we tried the foil version–no prep time! You guys get way more snow than we do, usually, and it’s colder there too. I guess we’re a bit protected by the Portneuf range. We haven’t been to the historical museum yet. It’s in Ross Park at the south end of town. Let me know when you decide to come!

    URD: Dudelet is at the perfect age for a foil volcano. And it’s cheap and quick…always a good thing for a busy family. You can still get sea monkeys? I always wanted them when I was a girl.

    RunninL8: The thing about those rabbit tracks is that they were right between a nursing home and SillyBilly’s school, not in the wild! So we were extra excited to see them in suburbia. Isn’t your man a baker? I’m sure his rosemary bread would totally kick mine!

  15. Tammy

    Yes, I’ll let you know and maybe we can meet up there at the museum. It will probably be towards the end of next week, possibly the following week. I’ll keep you posted!

  16. The volcano melts my heart… as does the one of him showing us his tooth, sitting on your lap.

  17. Nana

    such wonderful pictures of my Pookie and my brilliant, beautiful Grandson!

    bunnytracks in the snow! wondrous! we have not seen our backyard bunny in awhile, but are anticipating the return of Mama Bird to her birdhouse very soon.

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