Our Trip, Up to Nebraska

Why not all the way to Idaho, you ask? Well, for some reason, I ended up with tons of pictures of Wyoming. Don’t ask. So you’ll get the rest in another post.

We started out tired. All that packing and stress. Feh.

Anthropapa was probably the most exhausted, and he got to drive most of the way. Except for those two wicked rainstorms. I lucked out and ended up driving through those.

Pennsylvania has beautiful rolling hills. The Appalachians, actually. If you look at a map you can see how all the roads follow the terrain.

Pennsylvania farmland was really beautiful. And the amber waves of grain — I mean shocking amounts of corn — began.

All through the East and the Midwest, the Queen Anne’s lace was blooming in profusion along the highway. In Ohio we were treated to a free fireworks show. No idea why — no major holidays, and it was even raining. Nice little things to help pass the time.

For some reason I didn’t take many pictures of Indiana and Illinois. Probably because it was pretty much all rolling farmland like all these other pictures. But there were amazing clouds in the endless sky.

Once in a while the corn would be relieved by a field of what I assumed was soy. Where are all the vegetables being grown? Oh yeah, California. 🙂

We crossed the Mississippi from Illinois into Davenport, Iowa. I wished we had more time to look at the river instead of zooming across on a bridge that obscured the view so much.

Iowa was pleasantly rolling, with a surprising amount of trees. I always pictured it as nothing but corn!

The kids were really quite good. We put a box full of art and craft supplies between them, and I carefully rationed new and exciting things for each day.

We noticed the Queen Anne’s was gone, somewhere in Nebraska. Too dry, probably. I noticed wild sunflowers at that point. Nebraska had even more trees, along with many little lakes and ponds along the highway.

Of course, I will refrain from regaling you all with tales of variably clean hotels and road food.

Next up: find out why Wyoming caught my eye.



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2 responses to “Our Trip, Up to Nebraska

  1. That’s a lot of driving! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that though. 😉 That was smart of you to ration out the crafts over several days.

  2. Good thing you saw trees before you got to Wyoming. You know that the Wyoming state tree is the telephone pole, right?

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